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Best Jungle Scout Alternatives

23, Sun, Feb, 20 13:11

alternatives to jungle scout

When Amazon was launched in 1995, it initially offered online books only and within the first month, it had sold many books. After selling books successfully it started to add more and more categories and today, with millions of items and massive audience, it is definitely the largest online retailer and is among the most used shopping platforms not only in the US but in many other parts of the world.

Whether you are searching for a salt lamp or a pair of running shoes, the marketplace offers everything. An interesting fact about this platform is that not every item that is available here in sold by Amazon. But then who sell those items? It is people like me and you. You heard that right! Amazon is not just a popular platform for online shopping rather it is one of the most efficient ways of running an online business as well. Many sellers from all over the globe are offering various types of items on this marketplace and are earning a good income.

The trend of becoming an online seller is now increasing day by day mainly because the number of online shoppers has increased greatly and the more the customers, the better the business opportunity it is.

However, for this purpose more and more merchants are using Amazon as a platform. The reason behind this is quite simple, Amazon is a trusted platform that provides you access to a large number of customers. Moreover, it offers different ways of selling anything. Whether you are interested in selling your own branded private-label goods, want to offer wholesale goods or are thinking about retail arbitrage, the platform is great for finding all types of items.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can pick any random item to sell and it magically starts generating high revenue and sales. Because so many merchants are offering the same type of goods, shoppers now have a lot of options to select from and it is becoming more and more difficult to attract shoppers and convince them to buy your item out of so many other similar items.

The demands of shoppers are also increasing and you must ensure that you are offering them something they desire and that too of the highest quality. The process of selling something successfully on this platform starts with discovering the right item to sell and continues even after the item is launched. Since the platform is quite competitive, you need to focus on every aspect that can aid you in improving your performance and ignoring any of it can result in failure.

For example, let us assume that you have introduced any random product on the marketplace which isn’t desired by the buyers. No matter how much you promote it, they won’t buy it because it isn’t what they need. Imagine the loss! This is why it is necessary to conduct a thorough research by examining details such as sales and rank etc. of similar items and then deduce if it is worth selling or not.

Similarly, let us say you have launched an item that the shoppers are actually looking for but it doesn’t appear in their results when they search for such items on amazon. They won’t be able to purchase it if they don’t even know it exists. This means you have to make your items visible to them which can be done by optimizing your listings.

However, these are just a few aspects and there are many other such aspects that you as a merchant must work on for improving your performance. Since it will take a lot of time if you do all of this manually by yourself, many companies have developed high-quality tools such as IO Scout, Jungle Scout, etc. for this purpose that provide you accurate results within a few minutes.

If you are looking for tools other than Jungle Scout that offers the same useful function and gives you exact results, this article is the right place for you.

In this article, we have discussed in detail the best alternatives to jungle scout including jungle scout free alternatives.

What Exactly is Jungle Scout

Before we discuss jungle scout alternatives, let us briefly tell you the key features this toolset consists of so that you can compare it with other tools.

It is a complete package of tools for Amazon merchants that lets them conduct detailed product research so that they can select the most profitable item to sell with great demand and less competition. Furthermore, the toolset is also packed with many other efficient features that help the merchants in improving their performance and saves them time as well.

Whether you want to discover the perfect keywords for optimizing your listing perfectly, looking for the right supplier or manufacturer for your items or you want to track certain items and keep tabs on your competitors, this toolset has all the features that you need.

With features like academy, users can also get important insights into the best practices to sell successfully on amazon as it consists of a lot of useful material for both beginners and experts.

It can either be used as a chrome plug or as a web app and offers three subscription plans starting from $39 per month. However, the cost of Jungle Scout varies with the amount of units the user has sold that month. For example, if the total amount of units sold is 500 or below per month, you can subscribe to the web app for $486, however, if sales are somewhere between 500 and 2000, you have to pay $588/month for the same package.

Jungle Scout Alternatives

Jungle scout is definitely a great tool but it is always wise to look at the alternatives to figure out what they offer and choose the one that perfectly fits your needs.

Below we have mentioned the best and most effective alternatives of Jungle Scout that offer efficient features and give accurate results within a few minutes. Some of these are free while others are paid.

  • IO Scout
  • Viral Launch
  • Helium 10
  • Keepa
  • Unicorn Smasher


  • IO Scout

how much does amazon fba cost

IO Scout is a great alternative to jungle scout. It is used by many merchants all over the globe and one of the main reasons of it being a popular tool among sellers is its ability to bring its users most accurate data, thanks to its huge database that consists of more than 130 million Amazon goods. What’s more, the database is updated every hour so that the app can use real-time data and give you the best results.

Whether you are interested in selling your branded private label goods, looking to sell wholesale items or you want to go for retail arbitrage, this compete toolset will help you select the best items that can generate high income for you.

Want to keep a close eye on the performance of your competitors? Use the tracker tool to track their goods and analyze their key details such as the number of reviews, sales and selling price, etc. this will help you understand their best strategies that help them generate high sales and you can then adjust yours accordingly to gain the competitive advantage.

If you are looking to introduce a new item, you can also use this tool for selecting the right item by examining the details of sales and rank, etc. With these statistics, you can easily figure out the potential of the item in terms of sales.

Since product research also involves calculating the total expenses associated with selling a certain item and determining the expected profits on the basis of the expenses, IO Scout also offers its users an “FBA Calculator.”

This calculator is a very useful tool for finding the right item in terms of profits it can generate. It determines the margin percentage and net profit that you are expected to earn through a particular item. These are calculated automatically when you are tracking a certain item but if you are looking to calculate the expenses and expected profit of a new product that you are interested in selling, you can also do that by providing the details of that item such as dimension, selling price and weight.

If you are interested in a certain category but don’t have any clue about which particular item should you sell, you can also find the best selling items in that category by simply specifying which type of items in terms of their price, rank, and weight, etc. These are specified as the minimum and maximum values. Furthermore, for product research purposes users can also analyze trends through graphs and charts.

IO Scout comes as both the web app and a chrome plugin. The plugin is ideal if you want to see details instantly without leaving the item’s page on Amazon.

When it comes to pricing, IO Scout is available as 3 subscription packages (start-up, seller and business), designed by keeping the needs of newbies and experienced merchants in mind. The start-up package, as clear from the name, is ideal for beginners and costs only $29 per month whereas if you are looking to unlock more advanced features you can purchase either seller or business package depending on your requirements. These are available for $49 and $69 per month respectively. IO Scout also offers a free trial so the users can get the taste of what it offers.

  • Viral Launch

jungle scout alternatives

Viral Launch is another perfect alternative as it is a complete toolset that consists of various software and features developed for the sole purpose of helping merchants with different aspects of selling successfully on Amazon. Moreover, it saves you time and is easy to use.

This powerful yet simple toolset lets users discover the right items quickly with minimum effort with the help of the product discovery tool. Its database has millions of Amazon products which allows the users to analyze the real-time data of any item they are interested in while the historical data of any item can also be accessed to make a more informed and accurate decision. The parameter such as revenue, sales, and total reviews provides a clear picture of whether the item is worth selling or not. 

To save time further and get the results that perfectly fit with your requirements, you can use the filters such as average price, total reviews, etc. For example, if you wish to analyze the item that has a retail price of 50 and total reviews of more than 500, you can specify these requirements while searching for the items and in the results, you will get only those items that have these characteristics. Moreover, users also get notified when the demand of a certain item they are interested in is increasing drastically.

Want to get an accurate idea of the sales you can expect from a certain item? Use the sales estimator to determine estimated sales while the profit calculator tells you the expected income that the item can generate for you. To understand the performance of certain items better, you can also use the “Opportunity score” and “Product idea score.”

With the help of the market intelligence tool, users can examine the trends of price and sales to understand which prices have resulted in better sales and then they can adjust theirs accordingly.

Listings can be optimized perfectly by finding the most relevant and appropriate keywords through the “Keyword research tool.” It even brings you hidden keywords that have a great impact on the performance of your listings.

The tool has a relevancy filter as well which helps you narrow down your research. Moreover, it also displays the number of times a particular keyword was used by shoppers so that they can pick the most popular ones. You can also discover the most in-demand keywords by analyzing the priority score and trends of search volume over a certain period.

Viral Launch also offers Kinetic tool which helps you improve your sales by automating your PPC process. It offers 4 subscription packages beginner, pro, builder and kinetic starting from $42/month. Each package is designed for different selling needs.

  • Helium 10

Helium 10 is an all-purpose tool for sellers which is loaded with a lot of efficient features and tools such as Black box. This easy to use tool is used by many merchants and it has helped them in improving their performance significantly.

With the help of a huge database of over 450 million goods, this tool lets the users select the perfect niche by bringing them useful details such as competition and monthly sales, etc. The pre-set filters provide you the perfect results for your search queries but if you want to search for items that best fit you your requirements, you can also apply more filters such as price, sales, and revenue, etc. This way you can find the best items for you more quickly.

This software has an advanced algorithm that brings you the best results in no time without any effort. All you have to do is choose the category, apply the desired filters and hit the search button. That’s is it! The tool will immediately display accurate results.

The profit calculator will help you in determining the estimated profits so that you can figure out if you want to invest in a certain item or not while to analyze the performance of items through price and sales history charts and graphs you can use trendster. These visuals make it easy to understand the demand of items. You just need to enter ASIN of the item you want to analyze. Users can also discover the most searched items through this tool.

To discover the most suitable keywords for your listings, you can you the powerful “Magnet” tool which has thousands of in-demand keywords. Hence, it provides you the most accurate results.

This efficient tool not only brings you the most appropriate phrases and words for your items but also displays how many times a keyword has been used by shoppers to search for such items so that you can select the best ones from the lot.

If you have any specifications about the search volume or word count etc. you can also apply filters to get the perfect results. To use this tool, you need to provide a seed keyword and you’ll get the best possible matches quickly.

Another great feature offered by Helium 10 is Magnet IQ. It brings you those words that have little competition yet high search volume. It is displayed in terms of ratings for each keyword.

Cerebro can be used to find those keywords of your competitors that are performing well. You can then use these words in your listings to enhance them.

In the results, you will see IQ Score, CPR 8-Day Giveaways and search volume. The IQ score is used to determine the potential of the item, the higher the number the better the potential of that item. CPR 8-Day is another helpful parameter that calculates for you the number of units needed to give away to appear on the first page of the search results. The search volume reflects the number of times shoppers used the keyword.

Since Amazon only allows a limited space ‘for listings, you can use the Frankenstein tool to eliminate unnecessary words such as “for” and “it” etc. to further enhance your listings.

Helium 10 can be accessed by subscribing to one of the four subscription plans which also includes a free one. The remaining three plans (Platinum, Diamond, and Elite) can be purchased for $97, $197 and $397 respectively.

  • Keepa

Keepa is a great tool for tracking the price of any item. Not only does it show you when was the last time the price of the item changed but it also displays price history charts and other details of any item within the blink of an eye. It saves you from the trouble of creating complex spreadsheets for analyzing the details of different items.

Moreover, users can also discover the best items through product finder. Best seller lists and useful details of hundreds of goods can also be accessed through this tool

This tool is designed for buyers as well. Shoppers can use it to monitor the prices of their favorite items and get notifications when the price drops to their desired level. Furthermore, it also brings them the best deals for every day. You can also choose the types of deals like used or new etc. and specify the percentage of the price drop, your desired price range, and sales rank, etc. what’s even better, you can also track and compare international Amazon prices

Users can choose to get notifications on either of the following platforms: Telegram, RSS, Facebook or email. What’s more, you can also get notifications of the availability of a certain item.

To track the price of an item, you are required to enter the URL. When the item is discovered by the app you can then enter your desired price drop level to get the notifications and select the period for which you want to monitor the item such as 1 month or 2 weeks. It offers three different tracking modes.

Keepa used to be a free jungle scout alternative but now you have to subscribe to a monthly package available for 15 € / month. It works on different Amazon marketplaces such as the US and Europe etc. The tool also comes as a browser extension.

  • Unicorn Smasher

alternatives to jungle scout

Unicorn smasher is a jungle scout free alternative that lets you find the right items to sell. By bringing you the price, reviews, sales rank, and ratings of any item, it helps you determine whether it is worth investing in or not. It provides you accurate estimates of the sales with the help of real-time data. To help you further with product research, it also displays opportunity score. Not to mention, it has a beautifully organized dashboard.


There are many alternatives to Jungle scout available both free and paid such as Helium 10, Unicorn Smasher, etc. Before you decide which one to use, you must study the features they offer so that you can evaluate whether it is the perfect tool for your needs and requirements.


Q: Is Jungle Scout free?

A: It is not free to use and if you wish to use it you can subscribe to one of the 3 available packages.