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JumpSend Review – Better Buyer Feedback?

17, Mon, Feb, 20 11:09
What is JumpSend?
JumpSend Features
How to Use JumpSend?
How is Launch Different From JumpSend?
Final Thoughts

In June of 2019, JumpSend was acquired by Jungle Scout, the popular Amazon product research tool. Amazon sellers who use JumpSend will now use Jungle Scout’s “Launch” program. It’s still JumpSend, just under a different name to make it easier for buyers and sellers to tell the difference between the two. Customers will still use JumpSend’s marketplace for all of their buying needs.

What is JumpSend?

JumpSend serves one of two purposes. One is a launchpad for sending out digital coupons. But perhaps more importantly than that, it works to bring traffic and sales to your Amazon listing. It’s a feature no Amazon seller should be without. Who wouldn't want more interested buyers viewing their product?

The second feature functions as an email autoresponder. JumpSend will correspond with Amazon Seller Central and automate your Amazon emails for you. This is useful for sellers who want to focus more on their business. Let JumpSend do the tedious things for you.

Each feature is valuable in its own right. Depending on where you need help in your business, one may serve you better than the other. Let’s discuss the value of each so that you have a better understanding of how they can help you.

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JumpSend Features

JumpSend is loaded with tools that will help you better your business. From email campaigns to running product promotions, JumpSend has a feature just for you. Let’s dig into each one to get a better look at how they can boost your sales.

Email Campaigns

This tool is a great way to manage and monitor emails you send to your clients. Depending on what a specific customer is interested in, the Email Campaign tool allows you to customize what you send to them.

This feature can be adjusted so that it sends emails out at a particular time. Let’s say you have a product launching soon that Client A has been chomping at the bit to get. You can set the Email Campaign to send out reminders and product information to that client only. This will keep your client in the loop as to when their product is shipping and at what date they will receive it.

This is a great way to get customer feedback so you can better adjust your marketing and sales strategy. You can then use the Email Campaign tool to reach out to the clients interested in similar products. This will give you an edge over your competitors by constantly updating your customer base. You will be able to send them promotions on new and exciting products to keep them doing business with you.


Speaking of which, one of the best ways to keep your customers happy and continually doing business with you is to offer discounts. As with brick and mortar stores, Amazon sees major spikes in sales when they run special promotions that focus on discounts. We’re all familiar with Amazon’s hugely popular Prime Day sale.

In 2019, Amazon boasted incredible numbers as a result of this sale. They called it their “largest shopping event in Amazon history”. While Amazon hasn’t released actual sales figures, there are some important takeaways that serve to give us an idea of just how profitable the sale was.

For instance, they claim to have sold over 175 million items on that event alone. Laptops sales skyrocketed to over 100,000 units. Televisions got even more attention from consumers, topping more than 300,000 sold. Beauty products saw a spike, too, selling well over 350,000 items. But toys did even better, with Amazon moving over one million products.

Let’s look at their top-selling items for Prime Day. One was LifeStraw’s Personal Water Filter. Another was 23andMe’s ancestry kits. And Instant Pot’s DUO60 was the other biggest seller. Why is this important? Because you can use this useful sales data to get a better understanding of what consumers are most interested in.

You can then tweak your email campaigns to better suit your customer base. Everyone has access to this kind of information. It only takes a little bit of digging. You can use this data to your advantage by similarly gauging your clients and catering to their interests. According to Amazon, personal water filters are all the rage.

Why not send your clients information on items like this as you promote your own products? This can be even more beneficial to you if you’re an Amazon Associate or Affiliate. By partnering with Amazon, you can increase your income and keep your clients in the know at the same time.


Let’s say you’ve sent your clients an email campaign on items that you’ve listed through JumpSend. By running this promotion as a deal, you have a better chance at attracting visitors to your Amazon listing.

This in turn will help get your listing to trend. It carries a circular effect, since a listing that is trending will bring more visitors. Some JumpSend deals will give your customers better discounts. But saving consumers any amount of money is a great way to increase your visibility. And better visibility means a better opportunity to boost your revenue.

If you use this in conjunction with other resources, like being an Amazon Associate, you can increase your chances of earning more money. If used properly, those deals you give your clients can improve your numbers all across the board.

If you have an ad-based partnership, your pay-per-clicks will soar due to the increase in traffic. As you can see, there are many ways each tool and resource can benefit from one another to make you more money in the end.

Product Promotions

This is one of the areas where JumpSend really shines. Let’s say you’ve got a great new item that you want to capitalize on. You know Amazon is the best way to get it out there, but you need some help promoting it. And, naturally, you want your product to reach as many people as possible.

This is where JumpSend’s Product Promotions come in to play. JumpSend will offer big savings on your item to draw in buyers. But what’s great about it is that the promotions aren’t limited to just Amazon. They can be seen across various platforms, including Reddit, social media, and blog entries.

JumpSend is able to get you more reviews this way, further increasing your visibility and popularity. This is done by JumpSend contacting buyers after they have received your product. You will have a greater chance at getting more feedback this way.

If you want to try out coupons on your client base, JumpSend can do it that way, too. You may find that your customers like this type of promotion. Or maybe a small group of clients really enjoy coupons. You can always send those clients coupons, while the rest get online promotions.


How to Use JumpSend?

The first thing you need to do is set up an ad campaign so that people visit your Amazon listing. This where JumpSend can be invaluable to your brand. They will promote your product on their page at a discount so that you have a better chance at attracting viewers.

After you have made some sales, you will then use JumpSend’s autoresponder to keep in contact with those who have purchased your products. This will help increase reviews of your items, which in turn will boost your visibility. Shoppers will buy from you since JumpSend gives them a discount. And those who snatch up products at a discount are more likely to leave a review, as opposed to items sold at regular price.

An unfortunate – and rather unfair – aspect of Amazon is the nature of reviews. An item can get a bad, one-star review for problems totally unrelated to your product. For example, if a buyer is sent the wrong color, they might leave a bad review. This, of course, has nothing to do with how well the item functions or its overall quality.

This is why JumpSend’s Email Campaign is so valuable. JumpSend will stay in contact with your buyers to ensure proper delivery and that you get a timely review. This can help your item receive quality feedback to help boost your business.

How is Launch Different From JumpSend?

Launch is what Amazon sellers use to help get their brand and products better visibility and feedback. JumpSend is the platform that shoppers use to buy your products. To better understand what role each resource plays, let’s break them down one at a time.


Launch helps you get your brand out there for increased visibility and more revenue. The tools that Launch offers its clients serve to ensure your Amazon listing gets the most visitors and the best feedback.

The following is a list of all the features you get when you sign up to use Launch’s services. Some require the purchase of Launch and its extension. Some you will only get when you buy the standalone Extension. Launch by itself will run you $468 a year. Launch with the Extension costs $588 annually, while the Extension alone is $228 a year.

  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Supplier Database
  • Keyword Scout
  • Academy
  • AccuSales Estimates
  • Customer Support
  • Opportunity Finder
  • Rank Tracker
  • Sales Analytics
  • Inventory Manager
  • Email Campaigns
  • Product promotions
  • Alerts
  • Listing Builder
  • Supplier Tracker
  • Chrome Extension (Launch with Extension)
  • Opportunity Score (Launch with Extension)

If you purchase only the Extension, a few of the features will have limitations. The Product Database will give you only 10 searches. The Product Tracker will let you track just three products. The Supplier Database limits you to 10 searches, as does the Keyword Scout.

The standalone Extension is also missing the following tools: Opportunity Finder, Rank Tracker, Sales Analytics, Inventory Manager, Email Campaigns, Product promotions, Alerts, Listing Builder, and Supplier Tracker. If you get Launch and Launch with the Extension, you will have unlimited searches and tracking.

Having access to this suite of tools gives your Amazon listing more benefits than ever. You stand a better chance of gaining viewers amid the vast quantity of competitors who use Amazon. You won’t be limited in any way and can use the resources as much as you need.

If you’re wondering what the difference is between the yearly packages that Launch offers, we should discuss them individually. For each one makes a difference in how you search, where you access them, and the data you get from your searches.

Launch, for example, is research software run through your web browser. It lets you filter certain aspects of your search. This allows you to get more refined results so that you can better incorporate them into your sales strategy.

The Extension retrieves and displays results from Amazon only. This gives you data from the requested listings that appear on that page.

Getting the package that includes both will give you more results faster so you can better form your strategy.

Launch also keeps an open line of communication with your buyers. This not only builds trust and rapport with your clients, but it also helps to get you better reviews. Buyers of your products will be contacted before or when the item arrives. They will then have the opportunity to leave feedback as to how well your product fits their needs.


If you’re looking only to buy and not sell, JumpSend has a resource just for you. This is the marketplace side of things. JumpSend has an audience of over 100,000 shoppers who use the platform to find the best deals on Amazon products. Amazon has over half a billion items for sale, so it’s no wonder consumers look for ways to find deals.

Because Amazon is such a highly-trafficked website, more third-party developers are trying to find ways to get a piece of Amazon’s proverbial pie. This is where you, the buyer, can benefit greatly.

You’ll have a better chance of finding your favorite item at a much lower cost. Once you purchase an item, JumpSend will send you emails asking for feedback. This feedback helps the seller exponentially. The better reviews they receive, the better chance they have of their products doing well.

It will only take a moment of your time, and you can continue to get promotions sent to you. If your seller is using Launch properly, those promotions should better fit your interests. Anyone can bombard their customers with ads. But there reaches a point where those ads become spam.

When all aspects of JumpSend are working smoothly, you will be alerted to quality products and discounts. You can use this to your advantage and save major bucks on Amazon listings.

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Final Thoughts

All of these features sound wonderful. And when working correctly, they are. But this largely depends on whether the buyer and seller have a good relationship. Most recently, more buyers are opting out of receiving emails from sites like JumpSend.

This makes JumpSend rather useless for the seller. Remember, one of the biggest reasons an Amazon seller signs up for Launch is to get their new item better reviews. Better reviews mean that the seller stands a greater chance of making it on Amazon.

There is tons of competition out there. Someone just getting started in trying to sell their products on Amazon has a difficult battle ahead of them. One bad review can make or break a product. That’s why new sellers will often turn to services and resources like JumpSend. Their hope is that the positive marketing will help turn the tide in their favor.

But if buyers continue to opt-out of further communication from the seller, it makes the entire process worthless. The buyer gets the benefit of the discount while the seller is out the money for the service provided.

Again, having a great relationship between buyer and seller makes all the difference in how well products like JumpSend work. There are a couple of ways to make this work.

Let’s say you run a website with a popular blog and you have a huge following of supporters. If you personally respond to everyone who leaves feedback, you’re going to gain their trust and build rapport.

Now, let’s say you’ve been working on a product in your downtime to sell on Amazon. When it comes time to unveil your item, you can do it in a blog to let all of your followers know what you have created. You can then partner with JumpSend to give your faithful readers a discount, all while informing them of the process and thereby leaving the door open for communication.

If you’ve already formed a great relationship with these folks, chances are they are going to leave you a review anyway. But the beneficial part is being able to help them save money, which in turn will boost your sales from JumpSend’s platform. This will make your listing soar on Amazon and you’ll be off to the races.

Another way is using the same method, but with the ultimate end sale in mind from the start. By cleverly amassing a loyal following from a successful blog, you can position your readers to look forward to your upcoming sale.

You will have gained their trust and stand a better chance of landing a successful listing on Amazon. You’ll net the same results in the end, even if the execution is rather ostentatious. It’s a fine balance, but some sellers have used similar methods and found success.

If you use these services in conjunction with others, you can make them work to your benefit. You don’t have to just use one. As mentioned earlier, becoming an Amazon Associate is a great way to help make a little extra money on the side.

You can use analytical software to help get your listing to the top of Amazon’s search engine, too. As you can see, using several different resources better your chances of finding success. If you limit yourself to just one, you may not fare as well.

The most popular and highest-ranking Amazon sellers often use the same methods. That’s why they are so successful. Certain resources have proven to work, so it’s best that you try them out to see which ones best fit your needs.


Is there a free trial?

There is indeed. You may try JumpSend free of charge for three days. Granted, this is quite short and you will have little time to experience the full scope of its features. But it’s enough time to fiddle around with it and get the hang of the process.

If you find you like it and it looks like it will work for your needs, simply sign up and continue using JumpSend’s resources. Keep in mind that regardless of whether you end up keeping the product, you will have to plug in a credit card before you can try out the trial.

What’s nice about the trial is that it’s available on any of JumpSend’s packages. This lets you try Launch or the Extension risk-free. Your credit card won’t be charged as long as you select to discontinue JumpSend’s services by the end of the trial.

Can I register my account on Jump Send’s website?

Yes. In fact, as a shopper, you have to register on JumpSend in order to get access to their vast marketplace. This allows you to get many Amazon items at a discount. After you’ve made a purchase, JumpSend will contact you regarding feedback on the item.

As a seller, you can register your Amazon account with JumpSend. This will give you access to all of their tools and resources. You will, of course, need to pay to use their services.

How do I cancel my account?

If you are signed up with JumpSend and decide that you no longer want to be partnered up with them, there is an option to end your account. You must first locate Settings while you’re signed in to your account.

Once in Settings, you will see a red Cancel Account option. Click on this link and JumpSend will cancel your account.