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How to sell on Amazon: Detailed Guide

18, Fri, Dec, 20 17:57

Amazon is a huge marketplace for both shoppers and sellers. From kitchen towels to LED TVs, Books, you can find anything on this site which means there zillions of sellers who are offering this stuff. Because of this, the competition in this marketplace is quite tough and one has to be fully prepared to sell something here.

People these days want quality stuff and when there are so many people offering the same kind of stuff, it becomes quite important to introduce top-notch goods with the characteristics desired by the purchasers. So, you need to conduct proper research before offering anything.

Getting success on this platform doesn’t simply involve offering just about anything because if you are offering something not desired by the shoppers, you won’t be able to generate sales. Furthermore, you need to explore different options available and pick the most economical one by evaluating the budget carefully and considering all the expenditures associated with selling.

how to sell on amazon

From selecting the appropriate goods for selling and determining the expenses to signing up and perfectly optimizing your goods title, there are a lot of steps are involved in this business. However, with the right info and using the right tools, one can surely earn a fortune through this platform.

Offering stuff on this marketplace is among the most desired ways of earning income from your home nowadays. Are you confused about how to sell stuff on amazon? Worry not! Because you will find everything one needs to know about introducing goods on this platform in this detailed article.

Choosing the Right Niche and Goods

Right when you decide to offer something on this platform, the first thing to do is to discover the most suitable goods. By most suitable, we mean the goods through which you can actually earn an income. 

You must be thinking what are the characteristics of such goods? Well, they must be something people are actually looking to buy and hence have appropriate demand. This way, the probability of producing more sales is high and in turn, more income can be earned.

The wise thing to do is to discover the amount of units that could be sold and the income one would get from it beforehand and look at the sales trends and history of similar items. It will make the process of deciding “whether to invest in such goods or not” quite simple.

However, the research doesn't end here. As a beginner, try to select the goods which are light in weight and small in size. The reason behind that is such goods can be shipped without any trouble. Moreover, it is better to offer the items with a retail price of less than $2000. These characteristics are important because they reduce your overall investments.

Now the key question that arises here is how to discover such goods? As discussed above, a huge amount of details of several goods is required to understand if it is actually the perfect one. Gathering such huge details by yourself means you have to spend a lot of time on research and developing complex spreadsheets. Not to mention, it could be inaccurate due to human error.

So what’s the right method then? Using the tools like IO Scout designed for this task. You heard that right, there are many top-notch toolsets developed by some well-known brands that consist of all the features a seller needs.

Best Tools for Selecting Products

amazon fba

A large number of people are now utilizing these software to operate more efficiently and to stay ahead of the game. From newbies to experienced sellers, these tools have something for everyone. Some of them are free while some are paid with more advanced functions. Any of these can be utilized depending on your needs and requirements.

  • IO Scout
  • Viral Launch
  • Jungle Scout
  • Helium 10


  • IO Scout

amazon seller

IO Scout with its ability to present accurate data is among the top choice of those selling something online.

Whether you want to opt for retail arbitrage, considering wholesale goods or looking to introduce your branded label goods, this toolset will aid you in picking the appropriate goods.

The massive product database has over 130 million amazon goods and brings you the real-time details that are updated after every hour, giving accurate results.

Through the tracker tool, you can keep tabs on the goods you like to analyze, especially those of your competitors. Key details of the goods including feedback comments and retail price can also be examined using this feature.

If you are thinking of introducing a particular item, you can also see the sales rank which will help you get the idea of how well the product is expected to perform in terms of sales.

Moreover, the fees associated with selling that item will also be calculated automatically through the fee calculator. It will calculate the net profit and margin percentage that could be earned through that item. The expenses of a totally new item you are considering to introduce can be also be determined by putting in the weight, selling price and dimensions of the item to get the required estimates.

Discover the best selling goods in a certain category by entering the info such as price, weight, and rank, etc. in terms of minimum and maximum value and get average price, rank and much more along with a list of items. Trends can also be analyzed through graphs.

Read IO Scout's high quality blog, powerful articles such as how to sell books on Amazon , how to sell on Amazon Prime, Amazon FBA Guide etc.

A chrome plugin of this excellent app is also available for those who want to get instant data while browsing the product on Amazon.

IO Scout offers 3 subscription plans; start-up, seller and business. The start-up package is available at only $29 per month and is perfect for newbies while to access more function you can subscribe to either seller or business plan at $49 and $69 per month respectively. To get the idea of its features and tools, a free trial can be used.

  • Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a complete software suite for all your selling needs. With the simple yet powerful tool for discovering goods, you can select the best item in no time.

Get a precise estimate of the sales that could be produced by your desired product and examine the trends of similar goods by examining their sales per month, feedback, and revenue. Top goods with a higher no. of sales can be tracked as well to examine the demand and then operate accordingly.

Apply search filters to get more precise results and use the estimator software to get an estimate of the expected income. The idea and opportunity score of the goods also helps in determining the capabilities of goods.

Analyze the strategies of your rivals by tracking their goods and find suitable keywords for your goods through the “Keyword research tool” and add them in your title and description to attract more viewers by getting a better rank. The exact search volume and priority score will help you determine how important the keywords are.

It is not a secret anymore that "Pay-Per-Click (PPC)" is a stellar way to advertise your stuff and plays a vital role in the no. of sales. So, automate this process through “Kinetic PPC” and get the maximum out of your goods.

The four subscription packages, beginner, pro, builder and kinetic, come with a different number of functions and hence have different costs. The beginner plan, as the name suggests, is designed for new sellers and can be accessed for $42/month. The pro plan, available at $71/month, is ideal for those already existing sellers who are thinking of introducing new product while the other two packages can be purchased for more advanced features.

  • Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is another complete package that lets the seller sell more effectively on Amazon. From a sales estimator to the product finder and tracker, you will find all the necessary features in this toolset.

The “Product Tracker” displays total sales, rank, average price and much more to help analyze the niche thoroughly so that you can discover the most profitable goods to sell while the estimated income can be determined through the profit calculator. Graphs are also available to help analyze the details efficiently.

Looking for the right suppliers or manufacturers for your goods? Dig into the “Jungle Scout Launch” and find hundreds of vendors and suppliers along with their details. Increase the chances of your goods being viewed by shoppers by targeting the right phrases and keywords that can be found through the keyword tool.

If you are a user of this app, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get useful insights into how to sell on amazon and how to sell on amazon for beginners through the content available on “Jungle Scout Academy.”

Jungle scout extension costs $39 per month or alternatively, it can be accessed for a year for $228. If you want to use the web app you have to pay $49 every month or $468 annually. Jungle Scout also offers a package that consists of both pro extension and web app and available for only $69/month. Although there is no free trial, a refund can be requested within 14 days.

  • Helium 10

Helium 10 also consists of several useful functions for selling more effectively. The astounding database of around 400 million goods is among the key features that attract the users as it lets them analyze huge data easily and select the right niche.

“Blackbox” is among the top tools that help the sellers figure out the sales and price history of different goods while suitable keywords can be found through ASINs of the items. Furthermore, useless phrases and keywords can also be eliminated through this toolset.

To access these functions, you can subscribe to one of the four subscription plans including a free one. The other three plans named Platinum, Diamond and Elite are available for $97, $197 and $397 respectively.

Pick a Plan

Two plans, individual and profession, are offered to the sellers. No monthly fee is taken from those who use individual plan but whenever their item is sold $0.99 will be charged. The professional plan is the opposite; subscribers only have to pay $39.99 every month.

You can select the one that perfectly suits your needs. However, for beginners, the individual plan is more appropriate. No matter which plan you subscribe to, you have to pay the other charges of selling such as referral fees. Also remember, extra fee is charged on items such as DVDs etc. 

Sign Up

Once you have decided which plan you want to subscribe to, a seller account must be created in order to manage your payments, listing, and website maintenance, etc. This can be done quickly by providing some personal info and then selecting the plan.

Those who are selling from outside the U.S need to have a credit card that supports international transactions and a bank account which receives international payments. The address of your home and phone number are also required.

 Determine the Fulfillment Method And Its Cost

After you select the product you think is the right fit for you, it is important to evaluate how you are going to deliver them to your buyers including where you will store them. 

One can utilize different services for delivering the products, rent a place to store them and hire people for packaging or alternatively, they can leave all of this to Amazon by enrolling in “ FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) .” Once you decide the method the next important step is to determine the expenses.

Amazon FBA

It is a type of fulfillment process for retailers through which sellers can send their goods to Amazon storehouse where not only will keep them safe but will be in charge of their packaging as well as delivering them to the buyer on your behalf.

While being stored in the center of Amazon if your goods get damaged, you don’t need to worry about the loss because Amazon will pay you the full retail price. Furthermore, they will get in touch with your shoppers to get their feedback on the goods and if they ask for exchange or refunds, it will also be administered on your behalf.

Not only that, there are several other benefits as well. First of all, you can reach more audience through it because through this program your goods are delivered in no more than 2 days to the purchasers and customers love to get their order as soon as possible.  

Not to mention, they have more trust and confidence in your goods as they are sure that Amazon will deliver them safely and on time. Besides, there is an increased probability of getting orders through “ Buy Box ” how to win Amazon Buy Box.

Moreover, the shipping rates that you have to pay are usually low through this program as compared to when you ship them through other dealers.

Anyone who wishes to use this platform must have an account on central where they must provide some basic details of your goods to know which storehouse do you exactly have to send your items.

Here, it is necessary to know that all of this is available at a cost that you must include while evaluating your budget.

Another important thing to remember is that you as a seller are responsible for your inventory level even when your goods are kept in Amazon’s storehouse. So, you must track your stock and send more as soon as the level is below a certain number. Moreover, the publicity and advertisement of the goods are also done by the sellers themselves.


No matter which method of fulfillment you choose, there will always be costs associated with it that you have to pay. To operate efficiently, it is always better to evaluate the costs of different methods and then choose the most economical one.

If you are using FBA, the fulfillment fee depends on the dimensions and weight of the goods and is the sum of costs that you have to pay for utilizing Amazon’s services such as picking, packaging, and shipping. It also includes the fee for managing your customer support.

Additionally, a fixed amount known as “referral fee” has to be paid to Amazon for each sold item. This fee is usually 15% for most of the goods, however, it is determined by the category of your goods. If you are introducing your first item, it is more economical if you choose the goods that have less than a 15% fee and are lightweight.

To calculate the exact expenses there are many tools available that allow you to compare both the methods by calculating all the charges that you would have to pay for a specific item.

It determines all the charges linked to fulfillment including the one for storage. One can also analyze the income that they would get after paying for all the services, which makes it easy to sell goods at a profitable price.

Create Listing for Your Goods

Listing your goods in the right manner is one of the main aspects of boosting sales because through these you can get a higher rank for your goods on the search engine so that they can be viewed and in turn purchased by the shoppers. It consists of 6 key elements; Title, Ratings, Description, Images, Features, and Reviews of the goods.

The best way to write content for listing is to target the most relevant keywords based on what buyers are searching for. These can be found through one of many accurate keyword finder tools.

In the 250 character limit for title try to precisely list the benefits of your item while in the description highlight the quality and advantages of the goods through short sentences and the 300 words limit.

Pay special attention to the ratings of your goods as they can help you attracted more buyers. Ensure a rating of 4 stars or above and if it goes below that, try to gain insights into what caused this through reviews and feedback of the purchasers.

Furthermore, the features section has a limit of 1000 characters. Here, you should list all the key specialties of your goods in bullet points. You should also utilize the “add items image” feature to add the images of your goods reflecting their best characteristics.

Sell and Earn Cash

Once your goods are up on Amazon, you can start getting orders and when you successfully deliver the goods, you can get the cash.


Selling on a competitive platform like Amazon marketplace involves several steps. First, you have to conduct deep and thorough research to select the most profitable goods by analyzing their details such as sales and rank, etc. this can be done effortlessly through the available tools.

Once you have selected the goods you want to introduce, you need to set up your account on seller central by providing info such as tax details, etc. to proceed. The next step is to select one of the “individual” or “professional” plan on the basis of what suits you best. However, if you are expected to generate high sales, the professional plan is the better option.

Now choose the fulfillment method for delivering your goods to buyers. FBA is the most common and preferred method for this purpose.

Next, you have to list your goods which include title, description, and features, etc. Here you need to use a tool to target the right keywords. Through the proper listing, you can rank your goods higher. Once your product is up on the site, you can start earning money.


Are there any costs of selling on Amazon?

Yes. Sellers have to subscribe to a plan which can either be individual or professional. For the professional plan, you have to pay a monthly amount of $39.99 while the individual plan requires you to pay $0.99 every time your item is sold. Additionally, an amount knows as “referral fee” is paid every time your item is purchased by someone. It is 15% for most of the goods but depends on the category the item falls in.

Is FBA a good option?

It definitely is. If you use this service, you don’t have to deal with storing, packing and shipping of the goods as it is done by Amazon on your behalf. Furthermore, they take care of your customer service as well.