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How to Make Money on Amazon

15, Sat, Feb, 20 19:34
How to Earn with Amazon
Why Amazon?

The e-commerce sector is booming. Many e-commerce websites are sprouting up. Amazon's among them. You feel left behind by this boat. Though there're many e-commerce websites, Amazon's the best. Amazon is a great platform

for you to make money online. Amazon records an annual growth of more than 25%, beating its competitors like Ebay with a huge margin. But how can you start?

In this article, I will be giving you the ways on how to make money on amazon. Let's start!

How to Earn with Amazon

Here're ways to earn with Amazon :

Selling Private Label Products

Private label products're best way to earn with amazon . It involves picking an existing item, improving it,

putting own logos and branding and selling the item. Also called brand creation or white-labeling. FBA's best.

make money selling on amazon

FBA can ship for you, even in less than 2 days. List items now and earn. Private labeling'll help avoid competition since you list item as your own. You've control over item and can change it when necessary. Customers ask for changes or complain. Private

labeling allows modification of item in such cases. Customer complaints are learnt from item reviews.

Private labeling has advantages:

  • Estimation of potential sales is possible using estimators after listing.
  • Easy to manufacture/source own items from stores like Alibaba.
  • Once item's been listed, can be sold on FBA. You don't manage orders and ship items. FBA does it.

Through private labeling, you can earn between $625 and $1875 monthly per item. If selling multiple items,

you can earn huge profit. Choose item wisely and avoid competition.

KDP Ebooks

Amazon Kindle allows publishing of books. For writers, here's a great opportunity for you. You can hire people to write books for you, then publish on Kindle under your name.

Other than digital format, printed copies are printed on demand by CreateSpace. Find demanded niches and write about, example, health. Publishing many books's good. Many sales are made, meaning huge profit. You can earn up to $40,000 monthly. After writing, don't worry about inventory or writing again. amazon takes care. Books mustn't be long,

below 100 pages is okay. Choose topic you're creative in and write about it. However, publish, then market. Listing on amazon doesn't mean instant sales. Take action to market your book.

Use books as lead generation tools. Add a website link leading buyers to free resources related to book. Add link on first few pages of book. Prompt provision of name and email before download.

Also, create follow-up book. To succeed, more books're necessary. One KDP book isn't enough. Create many related books. Readers will purchase them.

Be creative in pricing. Give freebies for first few days of publishing. This attracts many sales. Also, a cheaper price for start is good. Once the hype is high, raise the book's price.

Wholesale Goods

This involves buying bulk products then selling on FBA. Items are manufactured by other companies, hence, no need to manufacture and brand own items. You earn up to $4000 monthly. However, it's not scalable as private label products.

Wholesaling is competitive since it's not only you selling the items. To become competitive, you lower prices, fetching small profits. Again, you must purchase items at lower prices to earn profit. If not, loses will be inevitable. However, it's profitable.

First, find best items and begin selling.

Delivering Goods

Amazon's own delivery service. However, joining delivery team as driver is an opportunity. $10,000 may be given to start. That's all Amazon's flex program is about. Answer questions, download app and start making money on amazon.

See Uber, but for Amazon deliveries. You earn up to $100 daily, or between $18 and $25 hourly. Shifts take 5 hours. Finish your shift early and still get paid. Their same-day delivery led to need for help in many cities. If you've a car and smartphone, join delivery for Amazon Prime. There's much emphasis on flexibility and shifts. If you finish early, you're still paid.


If you've a blog, you can make money on amazon. You publish your ideas on blog, yet get paid. You find an interesting product on amazon, copy its link and add it on your blog. If a visitor clicks the link and purchases the item, you earn commission. Depending on number of your blog visitors, you can earn much. That's the Amazon's Associates program.

You sign up, get links and share them. A percentage of sale is paid to you as commission. It's the common affiliate

program on web. The commission ain't high, just 3 5%.

However, you earn much through shares and conversion rates. However, you must've huge following on internet and social media. If not, making sales may become difficult.

Drive traffic towards your blog. Find products that match your blog content. If your blog's about travel, promote items like suitcases, packing cubes etc. Anytime a web visitor clicks the link, you earn commission.

Since commissions are low, a huge traffic is needed to generate more clicks. That's how to sustain your affiliate business. Small traffic means less chances of links being clicked.

Retail Arbitrage

This involves buying low, then selling high. It's opposite of the private labeling. Some Amazon sellers earn from this trick, and they've established a profitable niche. Retail arbitrage saves shipping costs. Sellers go to items' location, pick cheap items with probability of reselling.

Retail arbitrage sellers spend time looking for cheaper items from local stores. They buy everything cheaper then resell on amazon. They target discounted products. That's how most amazon sellers begin. $300-$2000 monthly is possible through retail arbitrage. Retail arbitrage's experienced challenges as selling popular brands becomes tough on Amazon. However, still you can earn selling flipped items. With retail arbitrage, you can start small.

No waiting logos and samples, like in private labeling, which's time consuming. Simply visit store and get items on deals.

However, retail arbitrage isn't scalable and's competitive. The competition changes quickly. It requires search to find discounted items, taking time. Sometimes, one may not find discounted items from local stores.

When doing retail arbitrage, use scanning apps. They tell how much to make selling an item. It's better scanning items' bar codes in retail stores than buying what won't resale. Also, use retail arbitrage as gateway to private label items. Retail arbitrage isn't

as profitable as private labeling. Despite, retail arbitrage is good for sellers.

Online Arbitrage

Retail arbitrage is challenging. Much work's involved with little return. Online arbitrage is a solution. Buy items from other e-commerce stores and resell on amazon. Target Ebay. $200 to $500 monthly is possible through online arbitrage. Its challenges include:

  • There're limited options.
  • High competition.
  • Not scalable.

 Amazon Rep

 Not all amazon's employees're based in its headquarters, some work from home. Join amazon now and work remotely earning $30,000 annually.

Position determines amount. Most remote Amazon jobs are customer service and data entry. Amazon's minimum wage's $15, hence, $30,000 annually's possible. However, Amazon's remote tasks're only available to those in certain areas. check your area and apply if qualified. Start as seasonal work then become permanent.

Mechanical Turk

Earn money completing small tasks on Amazon. MTurk bridges gap between human doable and computer doable tasks. Common tasks include transcription, image recognition, data entry etc.

You need time and internet to earn from menial jobs. Entrepreneurs need people to complete small tasks quickly. Mturk's the right place.

$120 to $200 weekly is possible on MTurk. No much's earned, but jobs're simple. Starting MTurk's simple. After long working on MTurk, you'll get high-paying jobs. Work more, then earn more. Note, MTurk's good for generating extra income. It's not good as primary income source.

Amazon Handmade

This's good for creative individuals. It allows crafting items and selling them. You'll be producing items yourself, hence, work's needed to stay on top. However, Amazon gives brand more exposure. Wide audience'll discover your item. Examples, jewelry, bags etc., competing with eBay and Etsy.

Amazon's audience is huge, hence, profit will reflect this. $30 daily is possible with amazon handmade. If you create hand-made

items, join Amazon handmade. However, items must belong to authorized categories and be purely hand-made, hand-altered, hand-assembled. Don't use factories/kits. Although Amazon's fees's higher, profits are higher too. Amazon also has large pool of buyers.

Amazon Merch

Amazon Merch helps sell design like shirt, coffee mug etc., without producing many items. It's a print-on-demand service. Simply upload design into Amazon's database. Choose were design's to be added, caps, shirts, etc.

When customer orders, Amazon prints, then ships it. After uploading design, promote it. Merch competition's high, but amazon offers large customer pool. Your design'll be searchable, hence, customers'll see it.

currently, Amazon Merch isn't open to public. Sign up, send request for invitation, hoping to get account.

Each listed item can give $1.5. However, only 50 designs're allowed. If dealing with t-shirts,

research to get statistics. Decide which design to choose. Your data'll be organized.

Optimize items' colors. Use wanted colors. This'll increase chances of design being purchased. Keywords're essential. Use them in title. Add bullet points. Keywords must sync with item niche then add them to details page. Research on customers and know their expectations. You'll get wanted results.

Find right designers. Find designers online, on Upwork etc. for right skills. Also, use customers' keywords in item's title. Ask for reviews.

Trade-in Program

This isn't way for earning money,. but exchanges your unwanted items for cards. Good if you purchase from Amazon frequently. Get credit, purchase more. Exchange unwanted books for credit, then buy wanted items.

Much work's needed for taking item's photo, measurements then describing it. If you've old items lying idle, trade-in program's here. Save hassle of creating ads for such items. They give roughly 25% credit of initial item's retail price. However, Amazon selects what to accept. You can't pick anything and trade it. They target highly-demanded items with low supplies. Items must be good condition.

Pick items, pack them and Amazon will tell credit amount to receive. Though no cash, use the credit to purchase Amazon items.

Amazon Services

You posses skills. Plumbing, electrical connections, etc. Amazon connects people to nearby opportunities.

There're individuals within locality needing such services. Amazon can direct you towards them. You're paid what you ask,

provide market can pay. Amazon services is competitive. However, with right attitude, you prosper. Amazon takes 15-20% of

what's paid. Allows using skills as side gig. Provides flexibility since you work when necessary, choose job, skills

etc. You work full-time or as side gig.


This's for Rvers who fulfill seasonal rushes. It's for enthusiastic Rv-ers. You help Amazon do tasks, including picking and fulfilling orders.

With CamperForce, you choose tasks according to availability and location. $600 weekly is possible with CamperForce. Additionally, RV campsites are paid. You enjoy health insurance and bonuses.

Fulfillment Centers

Amazon has fulfillment centers worldwide. They server/act as storage/distribution centers. Associates prepare items for shipping. You can work as an associate, earning $30,000 annually, and benefits.

Why Amazon?

Amazon presents great opportunity to earn money. It's world's first online retail shop. Amazon records growth yearly. It's time your business shifts to amazon. Here, you'll connect with global customers. Here're reasons why you should consider to make money selling on amazon:

Customer Base

Amazon's large customer base is great market opportunity for items. You reach thrice the audience you reach on eBay. Amazon's name is big, and everyone's heard about. Join and sell globally.

On amazon, you publicize item without tiring. No much marketing's required for Amazon items. It's already visited by millions of customers. Addition, Amazon sellers'll trust item.

Finding customers for new item's a challenge. Mostly, one invites all friends to buy. Very uncomfortable. On Amazon, no worry on finding customers. They're already there. Amazon's popularized their site and gets new customers to join the platform constantly. 49% of US e-commerce sales are on Amazon. Only 51% is shared by other platforms.

Amazon's potential customers for your brand. Simply list your item and customers'll spot it.

Customers Love amazon

The time and amount people spend on Amazon's increasing. Customers spend three times more on Amazon than on eBay. This trend's expected to continue in coming years. Amazon's earned reputation. Amazon sellers're regarded as honest. That's why customer shop regularly on Amazon.

Amazon Prime

This Amazon's program increases seller revenue and customer base. Prime encourages customer spending through incentives, free shipping, quick shipping etc. On average, Prime customers spend $538 yearly on Amazon. Regular Amazon customers spend $320 yearly. That's why joining prime is must.

Prime members're the best buyers worldwide. This trick isn't available on other sites. Prime members are loyal. Initially, Prime members enjoyed 2-day shipping only. However, they now enjoy numerous benefits:

  • 2-day shipping, free.
  • same-day shipping for some parts, free.
  • Free streaming services, Prime music and video.
  • Discounted whole foods.
  • Special prices and prime-exclusive deals.

make money selling on amazon

There're others that attract customers to become prime members. Currently, there're 100 million prime members on Amazon. If a prime customer needs an item in 2 days, they'll only choose eligible sellers. These're FBA sellers. Join FBA today.

Listing Fee

Amazon charges nothing for listing items. They charge after selling. Simply list and leave items for purchase. However, Amazon deducts your sales, about 20% charge. Extra charges're incurred for joining programs like FBA.

Less Work

There're chances of less work selling on Amazon. No relisting of items continually, but shipping and handling customers tasks's your responsibility. To avoid, join FBA. FBA'll do major tasks. Simply ship to warehouses and leave. You'll earn without sweating. However, you pay FBA for services rendered. It reduces sellers' workload.

Sellers fear Amazon fees. However, looking only at fee is a blunder. The sales overhead mustn't be forgotten. Some build own stores to avoid fees. However, they ignore tasks of developing site, driving traffic etc. There's risk of pouring money on site that doesn't guarantee success. on amazon, you've opportunity of selling directly and and fees's only paid after/on sale, meaning you plan adequately for this.

Higher Prices

Amazon items're highly priced. It's a retail store. Retailers sell at competitive prices. Wholesalers sell at low prices. Ebay's a wholesale store. That's why item prices're low. Again, Amazon items're new. Ebay items're used, bring price difference.


Amazon's a trusted brand worldwide. Customer're ready to spend $99 yearly on Amazon Prime. Sell on trusted and known brand for sales.

Amazon ships quickly. Other sites ship slowly. Returns and refunds're handled quickly and efficiently. No customer wants waiting for weeks to receive refunds.

Happy customers're found on amazon. Amazon deliver customers, satisfying customer interests. That's why you must learn how to make money with amazon .

Good Starting

Small retailers can't get items on shelves of retail stores without huge spending. Connections're also needed. However, amazon allows anyone to list items and make them available to million customers worldwide. No payment for that. Payment comes after sales.

Starting business requires capital. Some require many dollars to start. With Amazon, starting with little cash is possible. If you've items, it's even easier. Suppose you've written an book. Simply list for free on Amazon. No capital's needed. Also, source inventory from yard sales. Only simple tools're needed, computer, smartphone etc. You readily have these.

Starting amazon business requires few dollars compared to starting others. Again, no employees waiting for payment.

Anyone starting an online business thinks of web development. Developing an e-commerce website needs skill, time and money. Getting it ready for selling isn't easy. You don't need a website to sell on Amazon. No hosting, no security, no SEO. Amazon's ranked number 1 in most things. Become part of it now.

No creating own product pages on Amazon. Sellers use same product page. creating product page's only necessary when launching own products to market. However, this's a must. Amazon is ready for your item now. Selling on Amazon involves:

  • Step 1: Select item to sell.
  • Step 2: Ship item to Amazon.
  • Step 3: Amazon prepares item.
  • Step 4: Customers makes order.
  • Step 5: Amazon picks items, ships to customer.
  • Step 6: Amazon handles complaints and returns.

make money selling on amazon

However, above's for FBA sellers. FBM sellers do most tasks for themselves.

Market Testing

Amazon offers platform to test new items in market. Amazon data tells whether there's demand for item. Also, item price's detectable. Price range's determinable with Amazon. Know minimum/maximum price for item.

Such data proves useful during item launch. Also, good when launching own online store. Launching successful online store requires Amazon research.

Driving customers to own store's easier. Get contact details of buyers. Send them details of items on offer but not available on amazon. It'll take long to succeed, but should be your strategy/plan when starting.

On Amazon, you start making money quickly, mostly, within weeks. Some sellers made sales on first day of listing.

Amazon Associates

Use amazon's associate program to promote items related to your industry on own website. Note commission's paid for promoting products. However, conflict may arise between items on sale and items on promotion.

However, choose items to promote wisely. Avoid direct competition with own items. Target to compete with self only.


People need to learn how to make money selling on amazon. Nobody wants left out by this e-commerce bought. Sellers have become millionaires from Amazon. Amazon's ready for you. On Amazon, you've access to millions of customers worldwide. These're loyal customers, looking for quality items. Amazon's made selling easier. Starting's much easier. Sign up, ship items and wait. Money'll flow.

There're numerous opportunities of earning on amazon. It's a top employer worldwide. With amazon, you can earn right from your house. Although Amazon's many employees, all don't work at headquarters. Majority work from home. Amazon has fulfillment centers worldwide. They need employees. Amazon needs delivery agents. These deliver Amazon items to customers. With reliable car and phone, you qualify, earning $100 daily. On amazon, there're numerous opportunities to make money. You can sell own items, or re-brand items for resale. No thorough marketing's needed on Amazon since customers are readily there.