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CamelCamelCamel Review - Is it Really the Best Price Tracker?

26, Wed, Feb, 20 20:28


Once used to be an online bookstore, Amazon is now the biggest online retailer with millions of shoppers. However, it is a great platform not only for shoppers but for merchants as well. From sewing kits and hand sanitizers to washing machines and carpet cleaners, the marketplace has millions of goods in every category. Many shoppers from different parts of the world purchase their favorite items from the marketplace every day.

It also brings several opportunities for people like us to earn a good income from the comfort of our home such as amazon affiliate which allows the website owners and bloggers to earn money by posting links of different items on the website. If you are good at driving and own a car, you can also become a driver for them for delivering goods to shoppers or you can work as a remote employee.

It offers several other ways as well through which you can make money. However, selling something on thing on the marketplace is still the most popular way of earning money through Amazon mainly because it allows you to offer different kinds of goods. You can either launch your branded private label goods, offer wholesale goods or go for retail arbitrage.

When you take an existing item and make some changes to it, it is called a private label item while wholesale goods simply mean those items that are manufactured by other brands and you purchase them in bulk to offer them on Amazon. Lastly, retail arbitrage includes purchasing goods from any store or supermarket at a discounted price and offering them at a profitable price on Amazon.

Thousands of merchants from all over the globe are joining this platform to offer different types of goods. However, selling here is not as simple and easy as one might think. The competition here has skyrocketed and you now have to have a proper plan to sell anything successfully on this platform.

This proper plan means you should start with product research which includes discovering the right item which has the capacity to generate high sales and profits. In short, you should select that item for selling which is desired by the shoppers but isn’t already sold by too many merchants. If you skip this step, you won’t be able to achieve success on the market place, no matter what you do. For example, if someone is offering you something, in exchange for money, that you don’t need. Would you purchase it? Similarly, if your favorite shirt is offered by 10 different sellers, you will only purchase from one of them which means the rest of the merchants didn’t make the sale.

In the same way, many other factors such as optimizing your, listings which can help you get a better rank in results of different search quires of buyers, have a huge impact on your conversion rate. On such factor or element is the price of your goods. It shouldn’t be too high or too low.

To determine the right and competitive price of your item, you must track the prices of your competitors. This brings the need for a price tracker. Are you looking for one? Well, we are here to discuss in detail the best price tracker that is camelcamelcamel.

This tool is not only for merchants but for shoppers as well because they also want to track the prices of their favorite items so that they can buy them at the lowest price.

Whether you are a merchant or a buyer, if you want to know how you can use this tool to your advantage, keep reading this detailed camelcamelcamel review. Just before we get started with the features of CamelCamelCamel, let's first take a look at a unique offering in the world of Amazon business tools. IO Scout’s platform includes free FBA calc , BSR estimator and other functionalities you would come to expect from other tools with fewer restrictions; and now includes Live Chat Personal Amazon Business Consultant. IO Scout’s 24/7 expert chat feature is there to assist in the daily running of your Amazon business, and provide real-time, instant solutions to your queries.

What is Camelcamelcamel?

When it comes to the best price tracker for merchants as well as shoppers, camelcamelcamel amazon is definitely on top of the list. The core purpose of a price tracking tool is to alert the users immediately when the price of the item they are interested in changes and this is exactly what this tool does. No wonder many merchants and shoppers from all over the world are using this tool for tracking the prices of their favorite items.

This easy to use and time-saving tool has a simple interface and allows you to track any item quickly. What’s more, along with price tracking it also shows you other useful information.

When you add an item to the tracker, the tool will ask you to set a price drop on which you to receive the notifications and as soon as the price level drops to your desired level the tool notifies you. Moreover, it also gives you notification on the availability of a particular item.

Not to mention, you can also examine the historical charts and graphs of price as well as current, average and lowest and highest prices of an item to make a more informed and effective decision. These charts help you to figure out the trends of the items so that you can make effective strategies. This is definitely a great feature that saves you from the trouble of monitor the costs of items every day manually, compiling the price details in spreadsheets and analyze them later. Wouldn’t it be so tiring and time consuming?

The tool also allows you to import your wishlists on Amazon. It is a great feature that makes it easy to import your items to the tool so that you can track them. Furthermore, it also brings you the best daily and weekly price drops.

The tool comes as a camelcamelcamel app and as a plugin for browser as well. The app is web-based that can be used in any browser by visiting the website whereas the plugin can be used directly on Amazon and gives you details instantly on the page of the item. Furthermore, iOS users can also use the Siri shortcut while an app for Android users is also available. The best thing about the tool is that it supports different Amazon marketplaces such as the USA, Spain, Australia, and the UK.


CamelCamelCamel is a free tool with no hidden charges. The registration is optional and you can track the items without it but you won’t receive the email notifications.

However, to get full access to all the features offered by the tool, you need to sign up. Here, we should mention it again that there are no charges for creating the account. Only the registered users can use Wishlist importer and the Camel Price Watch Management.

CamelCamelCamel Features

The tool is designed to benefit both merchants and shoppers and offers various features.

Below are the key features of the tool.

  • Notifications of Item’s Availability and Price Drops
  • Price History Charts
  • Import Wishlists
  • Best Price Drops
  • Bookmarklet

  • Notifications of Item’s Availability and Price Drops

Now, this is the main feature of the tool which lets you keep tabs on the price drops of your favorite items. The users are required to mention the price drops they wish to receive the notifications on.

To set the price drops alerts through the web app, you need to visit the official website of the tool. The search bar is located on the top where you will enter the URL (Amazon) or the keywords of the item you wish to track. It is better to enter the URL because this way you the tool will bring you the exact item. When you search for the item, this efficient tool quickly scans the Amazon marketplace and find your item within a few seconds. 

When your item is found by the tool you can proceed to create your price watch. The tool will ask you to provide your email address where you want it to send the alerts as well as the desired price drop on which you want to get notified. For example, let us say you want to track an item whose current price is $80 and you want to get alerts when the price goes down to $65, you need to enter this price level.

You also have the option to select the type of item such as the one sold by Amazon or by a third party (new and old). Usually, the third-party prices exclusive of shipping charges so it is better to track amazon prices.

Here, it is important to know that anyone can track the prices of any item but notifications will only be sent to the registered users on their email ID.

Before we talk about how this feature is helpful, let us tell you that it is beneficial to both buyers and merchants.

Let us first discuss, how can shoppers use it to their benefit. It is not a secret that all of us are always waiting for discounts and offers on our favorite items. The happiness you get when you purchase the item at a discounted price can not be compared to anything. Right?

However, since there are so many other people like us waiting for the discounts, our desired item gets out of stock before we even know that it was on sale because let’s be honest, we are too busy with other important stuff in our lives and don’t have the time to check for the discounts every day. Missing out on the offers and discounts on our favorite item is really heartbreaking. Doesn’t it? This is why camelcamelcamel has developed this price drop alert feature. All you have to do is set a price watch on the item through the tool and it will notify you when the price drops to the level you mentioned.

That is not all! The tool also sends you availability alters which means if you are looking for an item that is out of stock, for now, you can use this tool to know when it is back in stock so that you can instantly purchase it. This means you don’t have to check the item’s page daily to see if it is available or not.

If we talk about how it is beneficial to merchants, there is one simple answer to it. The tool lets you track the prices of any item including your competitors’. This means you can monitor their strategies and can adjust yours accordingly to get the competitive edge.

  • Price History Charts

Camel camel camel extension

This great tool also lets you examine the price history of any item through graphs as its database has a large number of Amazon goods. It will also show you in tabular form the price history of amazon as well as 3 rd party price history for the new item as well as the used one. This history includes the current, highest, lowest and average price of the item.

The history charts can be accessed by simply entering the URL or keywords of the item in the search bar, given that you are using the web-app. The users of the plugin can see the charts on the page of the item by simply clicking the icon on the right side of the browser.

This feature is particularly useful to merchants as it lets them set a competitive price of their item. So, if you know how to use this tool to your advantage you can improve your performance significantly. Let us discuss it in detail.

Since this tool allows you to examine the historical charts of any item, you can use it to analyze the price history of your competitors which can give you useful insights into how they are adjusting their prices to improve their sales.

The quality and price of the item are the two main factors that influence the purchasing decisions of the shoppers. When you dig into the question that which item do shoppers find best when they have so many quality options available, you will find that most of the shoppers opt for the one that has the best price. Just imagine yourself as a shopper to get a more clear idea. This means if your competitors are offering them the same item at a better price, they will have more chances to win the order. So, it is important for you to examine the prices of competitors and adjust yours accordingly. 

Secondly, the search rankings are assigned to the items through an algorithm called A9. Now, the algorithm assigns the rank on the basis of different factors such as relevant keywords in your listings, total amount of sales of the item, the number of reviews item has and its retail price. The important thing to note here is that the cost of the item affects the search ranking of the item.

Here it is important to know that buyers on Amazon can also sort the items in search results by filers such as low to high prices or high to low which means when it comes to the price and search ranking of an item, it is also affected by shoppers based on the type of filter they use.

Now the question here is, why is search ranking important? Well, because it can make your items visible to the shoppers and hence directly affects your conversion rate. So, you need to pay attention to every factor that can help you improve your ranking. This is why it is quite important to adjust your cost to a competitive one and this can be done by monitoring the costs of your rivals over a period of time. The price history charts let you do that.

Moreover, having a competitive price means you have more chances of winning the order through the buy box. The buy box on Amazon is a box on the item’s page which is used by the buyers to place the order and because the same item is sold by various merchants, only one of them can get the order.

When the tool displays the amazon and third-party seller price history, it also tells you which price was awarded the buy box. You can use this info to adjust your price.

  • Import Wishlists

Since many people have wishlists on Amazon that consist of different items they are interested in, the tool lets them import these so that they can track these items if they want to. This feature really saves you time because if you were to add each item individually, it would take a lot of time.

To import your wishlist, you just have to provide its URL and the tool will scan its information and quickly import only those items that you have not yet received and then tracks the by creating price watches for them. These price watches can be edited. These can be found in your items section.

  • Best Price Drops

This is another outstanding feature through which you can see those items that have the maximum price drops. You can see the best daily and weekly drops as well as percentage drops. Furthermore, users can also select the category they are interested in.

  • Bookmarklet

This feature is for those who don’t want to use the plugin and it is available for every browser. You just need to drag it to the bookmark bar. That is it! Just click on the camels you dragged to the bookmark bar when you want to import an item to the tool.

camelcamelcamel extension

Camel camel camel extension

The Camel camel camel extension of the tool comes with the name of the camelizer. It works with chrome, safari, and Firefox. The plugin also lets you set price watches for any item and shows you their price history charts. Then how is it different from the web-app? It gives you all the details instantly right of the page of the item.

Does this Tool offer Everything you Need?

When it comes to the needs of shoppers, the tool definitely offers a lot. From price drop and item’s availability, alters and best daily deals on the basis of the highest price drop to wishlist importer, the tool really helps shoppers with everything.

However, merchants will need other tools along with this tool to enhance their performance. They need a product research tool for discovering the right item with the capacity to generate high incomes and sales. Then they also need a keyword tool that can help them discover the appropriate keywords with high search volume to make their listings more relevant.

Another important tool is the profit calculator which not only calculates the expenses associated with selling a particular item and based on these it gives you the estimate of the profit you can expect to earn. Furthermore, the sales calculator is also very useful for merchants as it tells them the estimated sales.

There are many suites of tools available that offer all these features as a part of one tool.


Camel camel camel is an efficient tool that offers features for merchants as well as purchasers. Shoppers can use it to set the price watch on their favorite items and the tool will notify them when the price of a particular item drops to the level they mentioned while setting the price watch. This way they will never miss out on the discounts and sales offered on their favorite items. Furthermore, the tool also sends them alerts about the availability of the item.

Although the tool is totally free to use, users need to register for free to get the notifications. Other features such as ability to import wishlists and best price drops are also perfect for sellers.

Merchants can use the tool to monitor the items of their competitors and examine their price history charts to understand how they are adjusting their prices to win more sales and they can then use these strategies to their benefit. Adjusting the costs of your goods to make them more competitive not only helps you land higher in the search results but also improves your chances of winning the order through buy box.

The tools comes in several versions; a chrome, Firefox, and safari plugin as well as Siri shortcut, Android app, and browser bookmarklet. The extension can be used directly while browsing Amazon to see instant details.


Q: Is this tool free?

A: Camelcamelcamel is totally free and there are no hidden charges but to get full access to all the features such as price drop alerts, wishlist importer etc. you need to sign up which is free.