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Best Amazon Review Checkers in the Market

11, Wed, Mar, 20 03:00
Why you need to have good reviews for your business
What could a bad review cause to a seller?
What is an Amazon Review Checker?
How do these magical software work?

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” goes the popular saying. Interestingly, the same is true or can be said about a dissatisfied and disgruntled buyer on Amazon. 

Believe me when I say a dissatisfied and unhappy buyer on Amazon is up to no good and such inevitably unfortunate scenario is bad for your business. This may very well result in you getting an unfavorable review or worse, losing potential buyers for your products.

Understanding the basic fact that reviews accrued on your brand or product is your online reputation and is readily available to every prospective buyer or customer will prompt you as an insightful seller. To quickly look into and resolve any issues your current buyer is having with your brand or product.

In a rapidly rising and highly competitive online market platform such as Amazon, merely advertising your products and services and expecting sales from them won’t do the trick. If you want to attain optimal growth and productivity, you need to make sure you are fully aware and have a full understanding of the market and more importantly, your buyers. It is worth bearing in mind that if you do need some assistance with navigating your way through the world of reviews with Amazon, you can check out IO Scout software for Amazon sellers , and specifically the benefits of Live Chat Personal Amazon Business Consultant - IO Scout’s 24/7 expert chat feature is there to assist in the daily running of your Amazon business, and provide real-time, instant solutions to your queries. Definitely an asset to any Amazon FBA selling business, and the answers to all your review-related questions.

Why you need to have good reviews for your business

Understanding your buyers and what they need, and diligently addressing those needs can be an Herculean task admittedly. The good news is that it is not impossible to achieve. Before a buyer makes a purchase online, it is only natural that he does a quick but realistic survey of the product he desires to buy. 

We all do this to compare and crosscheck the list of available brands, favorable prices and other peculiar requirements. When these requirements are met and completely satisfied, then and only then does a buyer proceed to make the purchase. 

These requirements that are carefully observed and compared are otherwise called "Buyer's Reviews" and we will stick to that term for the purpose of this article. Conversely, if the reviews the buyer sees or is seeing have been doctored, manipulated or tampered with, the buyer can and will make a bad purchasing decision regarding the product which may haunt him for the rest of his life.

What could a bad review cause to a seller?

To paint a clearer picture, imagine that a new office chair snaps lose in the middle of an annual general meeting with the boss of the company occupying the seat, or a new pair of shoes loses its sole on its first wear or an extension box explodes on its first use because of low quality materials used in its production. 

These are only few of the many possible scenarios that could occur as a result of a manipulated or doctored review. In a bid to achieve zero tolerance for dishonesty and curb the menace of fake reviews while buying on Amazon, The Amazon Review Checker was introduced.

Surprised? Don’t be. The core focus of this article is to help you fully understand all you need to know about the Amazon Review Checker. You will start from what an Amazon Review Checker is, to how a Review Checker works and pertinent examples of the best Amazon Review Checkers available at your disposal.

What is an Amazon Review Checker?

On a widely used e-commercial platform like Amazon, reviews are everything to the buyer, seller and the reviewer as it helps each one in its own different but unique way. Studies have shown that a whooping 80% of the buyers on Amazon and many other commercial sites thoroughly read reviews before making a buying decision.

Reviews either positive, negative or even fake have a profound impact on the buyer, seller and reviewer. The buyer interprets reviews either positive or negative to make judgement calls with regards purchasing a product or not, while to a seller, reviews, positive or negative helps promote ranking as a potential buyer will most likely purchase a positively well-ranked product on Amazon or ‘take to his heels’ and visiting another brand on seeing a poor or negative review respectively.

Sadly, it is becoming ever increasingly hard to ‘get a run for one's money’ in the advent of fake and counterfeit reviews which lures prospective buyers to purchase a substandard or all together, a dysfunctional product.

While trying to check the authenticity of reviews all by yourself can be really tedious, you can allow an Amazon fake review checker get the job done for you. A fake review finder will check reviews on Amazon, find fake reviews and alert you of possible substandard products thereby helping you get a better product or keeping your hard-earned money.

There are quite a number of these fake review spotters and most of them work differently. As we proceed, we will outline a number of them and discuss extensively how to use them but first let's discuss how a review check on amazon works.

Keep in mind that while an these tools will not automatically guarantee a complete success and satisfaction rate, it will however foster good communications with unhappy and dissatisfied buyers and also ensure that your review or online reputation stays intact.

How do these magical software work?

Generally, all review checkers work on the same basic principles to spot a fake review. This may include:

  1. Determining if a bulk positive review was left within a very short time period
  2. If the bulk positive reviews was left by the same individual that always leaves a five star rating
  3. Determining if the bulk review all use similar text or wordings to describe the product
  4. Finding out if the bulk reviewer has a ranking or review history for other products
  5. Determining if the bulk review has enough details about the product,ease of use and other pertinent information or the details given are all too scanty.
  6. Do the reviews unnecessarily flatter or exaggerate the product and its use?
  7. Determining if the bulk review was aimed at demeaning or sending negative comparisons about a competitor(s) product
  8. Checking if the bulk reviews are linked to a purchase which has been verified at one time or another before the review.

Using these above principles, in an algorithm, fake review finders are able to spot fake reviews in less time. Next, let's discuss some examples of the best Amazon review checkers available.

The Best Review Checkers for Amazon

The market is flooded with a host of Amazon review checkers which have lots in common with only a few differences. However, noteworthy is the fact that they all perform the same noble function of spotting, checking and tracking reviews either fake or otherwise.

The differences between the many Amazon review checkers available for use may seem trivial and unimportant to some, but to others it makes all the needed difference. These differences range from cost of use of the tool, user friendly interface, experience, ease of use and availability of chrome extension of such review checkers. 

Some of these are relatively free to use, while others may require some form of payment before usage. Others allow a trial period of perhaps 7 days to 10 days maybe or less as the case may be after which upon expiration of the set time period, the user is required to pay an amount to continue using the tool.

Talking about ease of use, some review checkers are automated, that is, they act on already set instructions in the system one of which is to send the user a comprehensive report of reviews found and as they are found via email either the user is active online at the time they are found or not. 

Users of such fake review spotter do not need to break a sweat as the system automatically gets the job done. A good example of such is the AMZ Reviews Tracker. This article will discuss 5 of some well known Amazon review checkers including AMZ Reviews Tracker.

1. AMZ Reviews Tracker

how to check amazon reviews

AMZ Reviews Tracker is one of the most prestigious tools particularly designed to improve Amazon keyword ranking. The services it offers includes:Sales tracking, ethical review club, keyword rank tracking, on page analyzer and lots more. 

AMZ Reviews Tracker is not a free SEO tool, after a trial period of 7 days, the user is required to make a subscription payment of from $50 to $1,600 per month to continue using the service. This Review Spotter can be used on all Amazon sites for as long as you have an active subscription.

After setting up your AMZ Review Tracker chrome extension from your chrome extension store, keep your fingers crossed and relax as AMZ Reviews Tracker does everything. From managing your Order page and carefully searching through all your orders at the backside, thereby requesting reviews for eligible order and it will intermittently review new and in-eligible orders requesting from all orders automatically. 

This feature can be observed in real time status of each of your orders under the manage order page.

A distinctively and amazing feature of AMZ Reviews Tracker is that while Amazon has literally restricted the use of seller and third party review emailing tools to reach buyers, untold numbers of buyers who have already opted out from the sellers emails can still be contacted. AMZ Reviews Tracker itself uses Amazon to reach all buyers and request a review from them all. How fascinating!

2. Fakespot 

review checker amazon

Like most amazon review spotters, Fakespot is an handy analytical tool solely designed with the aim of detecting, analyzing and sorting fake and counterfeit product reviews. On most e- commerce websites, especially Amazon. 

All product reviews brought to its search bar are thoroughly filtered to confirm what real users are saying about the products you wish to buy, thereby helping you make a wise and informed choice. Fakespot is a free Review spotter tool available to all and sundry who may not have the means to afford paid tools like the AMZ Reviews Tracker. 

Fakespot is very easy to use as the user only needs a product link directly into the sites search engine allowing the site to sort and analyze the number of reviews so as to detect repetition in phrases, words, dates,verified purchases and frequency. With this, it is able to produce a comprehensive list of reviews which are spotted as likely to be fakes totally living up to its name, Fakespot. With over 6 billion reviews analyzed you can never get it wrong with Fakespot.

3. Product Review Monitoring

review checker

Product review monitoring is a more sophisticated approach to detecting fake reviews on e-commerce websites like Amazon. An added advantage of Product Review Monitoring is that asides detecting fake reviews present on a website, the reviewer’s IP address can be traced and the user tracked.

The system works more like an Admin and User relationship where the user is able to login to the system with his username and password to view the wide array of products available and to give reviews about a product, reviews which will certainly be verified by the admin using the user’s email address for confirmation. 

Should the review be false or fake, such a user account is blocked immediately from the system without a chance of regaining entry. The admin is also charged with the responsibility to delete such reviews from the system so as not to mislead unsuspecting buyers in the future.

Here is a step by step appraisal of how the system works:

  1. The admin includes a list of available products to the system
  2. The admin will scout the system for reviews and possible fakes
  3. The admin deletes the fake review from the system
  4. User gains access to the system and can view products available
  5. User can use access to post review about product
  6. The system can track every IP address of all users in the system
  7. If system algorithm notices a fake review or reviews coming from the same IP address, the system will immediately notify admin of this development
  8. Admin is required to act on the notice received and remove both the review and the user from the system

The pros of Product Review Monitoring System:

  1. Each user receives a genuine review of the product to be purchased
  2. Each user can post his own review of the product
  3. Each user can spend his money on genuine and verified products thereby getting the true value of his money

The cons of Product Review Monitoring System:

  1. As there is no perfect system, user may still evade the detection of the admin
  2. Should the social media optimization team put in place become inconsistent with the IP address used to send the reviews,it will be hard, almost impossible even to keep track of the fake reviews.

4. ReviewMeta

amazon reviews checker

Reviewmeta is another handy and well used Amazon Review Checker which basically analyzes millions of reviews available so as to assist you in meticulously selecting the seemingly true ones from the fakes.

ReviewMeta uses an approach similar to other Amazon Review Checkers like Fakespot. The basic idea is to simply navigate, copy and paste the products link into ReviewMeta’s site search engine and the system will display a two part result which is ‘Pass’ or ‘Warn’ or entirely fail to display a result or feedback to assist the user reach a buying conclusion. 

The ReviewMeta system solely makes its research on the tone and style of language used in the reviews available. The duration of time the reviews were received after the listing of the product. The actual number of reviews received from unverified purchasers, and more importantly, the frequency of the reviews received. 

All the above points help the system to determine if the result of the query will be a Pass or Warn. 

A 'Pass' simply signifies that the review or reviews displayed are authentic and can be trusted. While a 'Warn' simply signifies that based on the analysis of the system, the review or reviews are suspicious and may be fakes, hence, can not be trusted. This Amazon review checker tool is available to all device users and in all parts of the world.

5. The Review Index

review checker

This Amazon review checker is a little less advanced in comparison to ReviewMeta and Fakespot, however, it is still a good basic tool in verifying and spotting fake reviews on Amazon. The Review Index works on the concept of analyzing a given product’s link to produce a systematic educated guess to confirm that the reviews available is not a fake.

Like an actual index, The Review Index will create a concise summary of the number of reviews. The number of reviews which are unverified and are seeming to be fakes with a written summary explaining that the frequency and language pattern suggested that the reviews were a fake. Like its contemporaries, The Review Index is very simple and easy to use but may not produce as much positive results.


Through the course of this article, we have established the fact that good reviews from happy and satisfied buyers act as the major precursor to having a great sales galore on major commercial sites especially Amazon. The bigger question now is how do you as a seller get all your buyers, dissatisfied or otherwise to review your product? Here are a few tips that could help with that:

  • Communicate with your buyers: In cases where happy buyers are satisfied with the products they got, they may decide to follow the buyer’s brand page on any social media platform and even like some of the buyer’s posts. Judiciously use this avenue to interact with your customers and tactfully make them turn the love they have for your brand into good reviews as this will help boost your sales and further foster an ongoing relationship with your buyers.
  • Be honest about your products: As it is often said, honesty is the best policy. There is no exception to this saying even in the e-commerce market. Unfortunately, making purchases online on sites such as Amazon has a great but inevitable disadvantage to the buyer, which is the absence of a physical presence of either the seller or the advertised product up for sale. As such, customers may have a hard time really understanding the actual quality of the products they see since it is virtually impossible to physically inspect the products. Hence, it is your duty and responsibility as the seller to be completely honest about your products as this will help you reduce negative reviews about the product to the barest minimum and also decrease your sales returns.
  • Search for similar product reviewers : Taking your time to carefully search for authentic project reviewers who work within the auspices of your product niche on Amazon will go a long way to get you more positive reviews for your products. What more? You also get the chance to reach a bigger audience through blogging and digital video reviews inadvertently boosting your product reviews and sales resulting in a win-win situation for you. Remember that not all Amazon Review checkers will give you the same results and are the same in terms of cost, ease of use and other requirements. Hence, take your time to research which will work best for you and has suitability to your given purpose.


Some frequently asked question on some amazon review checkers :

What if my order is yet to be delivered, does AMZ Reviews Tracker still request for a review?

Yes, AMZ Reviews Tracker runs an automated reviews system

While using AMZ Reviews Tracker, do I always have to click the request review button while navigating each order page?

No, AMZ Reviews Tracker automatically requests review for a order pages and response is sent via email

Do I face a risk of possible suspension of my Amazon account if I automatically make a request that AMZ Reviews Tracker requests reviews?

No! these tools also play it safe by requesting a reasonable amount of reviews to check on the Amazon platform

Is seeing all my product reviews possible while using tools like AMZ Review Tracker Reviews Checker?

Yes, AMZ Review Tracker will send you an email containing all reviews you’ve got

Can Amazon Review Checkers be purchased and used by sellers outside the US?

Yes, most reviews checkers are available to all users irrespective of their country

Does having a really low Fakespot grade indicate that the product as listed on Amazon is bad?

When a product listed on Amazon has a really low Fakespot grade, user discretion is necessary to determine the actual condition of the product.