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The Best Amazon Keyword Tools You Must Know About

20, Thu, Feb, 20 16:26
Top Paid Keyword Research Tools
Keyword Tool Dominator
Viral Launch
Helium 10
Seller App
Top Free Amazon Keyword Research Tools

Successful product launch on Amazon is impossible without keyword research. Investing in a good Amazon keyword tool is essential. They can help analyze the vital keywords for a product category which results in boosting sales numbers. They also help improve the ranking of your product.

Naturally, the top listed products in any category get maximum sales. With the right tools, it is entirely possible to have a high-ranking product. If you notice the product listings on Amazon, you will see the keyword filled, extremely long, optimized product titles that are difficult to read.

That is because these titles are not meant for humans, but the Amazon algorithm. The algorithm lists products based on matched keywords. As a result, sellers find it convenient to stuff the titles with maximum keywords. People search with keywords for products with keywords.

Take, for example, an exercise mat. All the valid Amazon keywords such as yoga mats, yoga products, and stretching mats will bring up results. A seller who has stuffed the title of the yoga mat with all these words will be picked up by the algorithm.

Therefore, a seller must know the best Amazon SEO tools that can get the list of possible, highly searched keywords for any product they want to sell. Here are the top paid and free Amazon keyword tools.

Top Paid Keyword Research Tools

IO Scout

free amazon keyword tool

IO Scout is the best Amazon keyword tool in a seller’s arsenal. The keyword research tool provided by JungleScout is called Keyword Scout. It can generate thousands of highly ranked, highly converting keywords. Keywords that are considered converting attract shoppers to click on the buy button instead of browsing. Keyword scout is the ideal tool to bring your product to the limelight.

Every product on Amazon has an ASIN number or Amazon’s Standard Identification number. When you enter the ASIN number or a search phrase like ‘toy gun’ in Keyword Scout, it pulls out all the details related to the product. It also helps generate other keywords related to the search query for a product.

Pricing:  All the subscriptions come with a 14-day money back guarantee.

  • $29/month
  •  $49/month
  •  $69/month

IO Scout’s platform includes the functionalities you would come to expect from other tools with fewer restrictions; and now includes Live Chat Personal Amazon Business Consultant. IO Scout’s 24/7 expert chat feature is there to assist in the daily running of your Amazon business, and provide real-time, instant solutions to your queries. Competitive price plans with IO Scout make this a very affordable solution.

For more information head to the site:


free amazon keyword tool

Jungle Scout also tracks the trending keywords. There are two categories in which trending keywords are analyzed – past 30 days and the past 90 days. Products that are highly trending usually pull in good profit. So, the Keyword Scout also helps sellers decide what product they want to sell. 

Pricing:  All the subscriptions come with a free trial.

  • $29/month: gives you access to millions of products in the database. You can use it on 2 devices and see up to 25 products in the tracker. There is no chrome extension in this app.
  •  $49/month: product tracker allows 45 products and 5 devices come with the chrome extension.
  •  $69/month: 85 products in the tracker and 10 devices can be included, comes with the chrome extension.

Here’s a video tutorial that shows how to use this tool:

For more information head to the site:

Amazon Keyword Tool

free amazon keyword tool

This is a free keyword tool by KTD with some great features and functionalities. The tool can improve a seller’s keyword- searching abilities, as it can search the entire Amazon database in mere seconds.

The struggles of searching perfect keywords are no longer an issue with this tool’s ability to generate the best, optimized keywords.

Pricing: Free

This is how the app interface looks. Pretty easy for sellers to begin with. 

For more information head to the site:

Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator is also one of the best Amazon keyword research tools available in the market. This Amazon keyword tool looks into the autocomplete suggestions in the top browsers like Google, YouTube and Bing.

The key ingredient that makes this Amazon keywords generator special is its algorithm. It is specially designed to emulate how a real user would be typing keywords in a computer with minute variations, repeatedly. 

Two separate boxes appear after you run a search in this tool. Your keyword list and keyword results. The Amazon keyword search results can be added to the ‘your keyword list’ box for making any future searches.

The app allows 3 free searches. Sellers can use that to understand how the app works. Whether the results are up to the level of optimization that you need. Whether the tool is identifying the choicest keywords.

Pricing: The lifetime access to the tool only costs $28.99

Here’s a video tutorial that shows how to use this tool:

For more information head to the site:

Viral Launch

Amazon keyword tool

There are many Amazon SEO tools available in the market. But Viral Launch provides a level of customizability like no other. You can choose which field shows up wherein the app.

When you are using the chrome extension, do keep in mind that sometimes the product overestimates the results slightly. Maybe, you would want to run a test of your product first to understand how the app is working.

Another massively useful feature in the app is the market trends. You can view top sellers and their product sales trends. For example, if you search for a snow shovel in the winter months, it will show you the high demand for the product, as well as the top sellers. This is the right app if you are trying to decide which product you should be launching at what time of the year.


  • $29.50 per month is for the beginner plan, let’s you track 3 competitors.
  •  $49.50/ month will get you the pro seller plan, let’s you track 3 competitors. 
  • $74.50/month is for the brand builder plan which lets you track 100 competitors.
  • $199.50/month is for data hunter plan, let’s you track 250 competitors.

When you pay annually, two months of a subscription is absolutely free.

Here’s a video tutorial that shows how to use this tool:

For more information head to the site:

Helium 10

amazon keywords

This chrome extension is a complete package of 5 very powerful tools. With the help of these tools, you can optimize your product search and validate your ideas for potential new products before launching, guiding you to make accurate decisions.

You can master the art of sourcing, profits, manage competitors and control the seasonal launches of a product.

  • Xray

Amazon database has 450 million products approximately. Xray provides you access to the product details with perfect precision and lightning-quick processing time.

  • ASIN Grabber

Any product’s success depends on the creation of targeted ads. Now with the help of this tool, you can launch ads with the ASIN number of your product.

  • Profit Calculator

When you enter product details such as size, weight, manufacturing cost, freight costs, and any other fees and surcharges including FBA fees, this tool calculates the profits very accurately.

  •  Inventory Levels

Perfect for when you need to take a quick look at your inventory instead of opening Amazon’s seller dashboard.

  • Review Downloader

Download thousands of reviews of competitor products to analyze what people are searching for on Amazon. What are the product features they like and dislike?

Here’s the video tutorial on how to use the various features in the app:


  • $97/month for the all-inclusive platinum plan.
  •  $197/month for the diamond plan.
  • $397/ for the elite plan.

The a la carte plan allows you to pick and choose any of the 5 product features and pay only for those. 

There is also a free plan available with limited features.

For more information head to the site:

Seller App

amazon keyword tool

Amazon seller app is the best keyword research tool for Amazon to have been released on the mobile platform. It offers a level of comfort and eases no other apps can provide.

There are various must-have features in the app for sellers. There is a special feature of aiding smooth communication between buyers and sellers. It can be regarding keeping track of orders, tracking shipments, sending notifications, this feature takes care of it all.

 The ability to care for your customers at a 30% faster response rate than other competitors is always going to generate a lot of positive reviews and demand.

Sellers can scan the product using the phone camera, and Amazon will list out the similar products. The product barcode searching will also work in a similar way.

The mobile app is available on both iOS and Android.

Pricing: Free

Here’s a video tutorial that shows how to use this tool:

For more information head to the site:


amazon keywords

MerchantWords is an Amazon keyword planner with the most exhaustive list of search data than you can find anywhere else. The app collects the product data from Amazon directly. So, it is a great way of understanding what the shoppers are looking for. As a result, how to choose keywords for Amazon becomes an easier task for sellers.

Over 100,000 startups have used this app to optimize their business strategy since 2012. Make your product launches successful and customizes effective ad campaigns with this app. 


  • $30/month is for the US pro plan. This limits the keyword searches only to the United States.
  • $60/month for the Global plan. It allows keyword searches in the US, UK, France, Japan, Italy, India, Canada, and Mexico.

Here’s a video tutorial that shows how to use this tool:

For more information head to the site:

Ama Suite

amazon keyword planner

Ama Suite is a versatile tool that works not only in Amazon but also available for eBay, Target, and Walmart. So, for all your online selling needs this is one tool that you must have.

You can access a list of hundreds of keywords simply by typing simple keywords in the search bar. The keywords also have a score associated with them.

The score tells the seller how it is ranked in each of the 4 eCommerce platforms. Keyword trend data is also available in this tool. Utilizing the Ama suite can boost the ranking of your products immensely. The search algorithm is highly trusted amongst sellers.

You can add the keywords to your searches and watch the magic happen as those sales numbers roll in!

Price: The app is available for a one-time price of $197. There are seasonal promotions that can get the price down to $97, so look out for any coupons and offers.

Here’s a video tutorial that shows how to use this tool:

For more information head to the site:


Amazon keyword tool

Kparser is created to take advantage of the A9 ranking algorithm of Amazon. The A9 algorithm works by looking into the search queries and then works by understanding and predicting the needs of the users.

This tool is the perfect apparatus to guide you towards long-tail strategy and fine-tuned keywords for every product.

The two steps to using this tool correctly are as follows.

  1. Use the correct category for describing this product. Add a description text, video, and professional photographs. Then add the details which might be interesting to the users.
  2. Add long-tail keywords in the title and description of your product

A simple product can be searched with hundreds of different keywords. So, a seller cannot accurately guess what these keywords may be all by themselves. Fortunately, Kparser handles this so you can focus on growing your business.


  • $39/month for SE Ranking Optimum plan.
  •  $99.95/month for SEMrush pro.
  • $900/month for Act-on Professional.

For more information head to the site:

Top Free Amazon Keyword Research Tools

If you do not wish to invest huge in keyword researching, here are a few free Amazon keyword tools that will serve your purpose well.

Keywords Everywhere

This Amazon keyword tracker is available as an extension in chrome or Firefox. This tool can save you a lot of time which sellers spend searching for keywords manually on Amazon. You can instead use that time to grow your business.

With the application, the need for researching keywords from various eCommerce platform will be obsolete. CPC, search volume data and data regarding your competitor’s sales performance will be available in this tool. One of the best free keyword search tools available in the market that sellers can use for training before buying a professional app.

Amazon Autocomplete

We all know about Google autocomplete. Amazon autocomplete is very similar to that and shows the relevant, related search results when you start typing a query in the search bar. This feature is available in the Amazon app itself.

The only downside is that there is no way to generate a monthly matrix of search volumes for a keyword. But sellers who are unwilling to spend on a keyword tool, or find it difficult to use one, can make use of this feature to improve product listings.


This is an incredibly valuable tool that permits vendors to comprehend and foresee client behavior. The fundamental use of the application is to search Amazon for keywords. It finds what keywords clients look for when they visit Amazon, and afterward lists every one of these inquiries into a database. If you have a comparative item posting, the sonar application shows what keywords clients have used to search for the item. 

The catchphrases clients search can get truly obscure on occasion. Be that as it may, when you add these catchphrases to your items, clients will have the option to discover your product in the search results.

This way, you have a better understanding of the need of the clients and can convert that into great sales numbers. Your competitors who are not utilizing this application to its maximum usefulness, won't appear in the item search list. For a free app, Sonar is simply too efficient and get your business the attention it needs from customers.

Google Keyword Planner

Google is the source of most keyword searches. So, if you want the information straight from the source, this is the right place. Sellers can be assured of accuracy simply because this keyboard planner is carrying the Google brand name.

You can readily incorporate the planner in plans involving marketing. It is still at the beginning phase so do not expect very advanced features. But it still is a Google product, free at the moment and the first tool all sellers should learn before jumping into buying specialized keyword searching tools.

Take the Google keyword planner as a guideline for buying other tools.

For more information head to the site:

 Final Thoughts

A seller might not need all the tools we have listed here. But they might have a specific function in mind, and that is worth exploring with these tools. Keyword research is the key to making a successful product launch and then generating steady sales.

You only have to find a tool that suits the business and marketing needs for you. In the end, we can all agree that Amazon's keyword research tools make product listing into a scientific formula for success.

While choosing a tool, make sure that it meets your requirements, is budget-friendly, and flaunts an easy-to-use user interface. After all, you don't want to deal with clumsy interfaces that make your task tough instead of making them easier, yes?


What are Amazon Keywords?

Amazon has become the biggest name in the world of eCommerce, therefore the biggest search engine for customers. Over half of all product searches that happen online are initiated in Amazon.

The sole reason for the Amazon search engine is to make shopping easy and fun for the customers. The users are focused on making a purchase. They will enter search words in the search bar. Then Amazon must list out the most relevant results for that search query. This is achieved by the use of keywords in the product listings. 

Keywords are phrases that describe a product. When a customer looks for a red umbrella, and a seller has listed the word ‘red umbrella’ on their product listing, their product will appear very high on the list of search rankings. Thus, the ‘red umbrella’ is the Amazon keyword.

All in all, Amazon keywords help you find what are people searching for on Amazon.

Why is Amazon keyword research important?

Search engines work by recommendations. When you are looking for a product online, or in Amazon, you will receive a list of possible recommendations in the dropdown. When looking for pool accessories, you only need to type pool. Amazon will show you a list of keywords related to pool accessories.

As a seller who trades in pool accessories, keyword search makes all the difference between appearing in this search list or not. A seller must know what keywords buyers are looking for.

Consider seller X who only sells pool floats. If they do not add ‘pool accessories’ in their keyword list, their pool floaty will not appear when a customer searches for it.

So, even if a seller has a relevant and quality product, simply due to missing out on the correct keyword, they will never make as many sales as they should. This is what makes keyword research so important for sellers. 

Unfortunately, Amazon has an insane list of products. Therefore, manually seeking out relevant keywords can be a nightmare. This is why we have compiled the best Amazon keyword research tools on this list.

 How many keywords can you use on Amazon?

As of August 2017, Amazon has announced the keyword character limit as, 250 characters for Europe and US, 500 characters for Japan and 200 characters for India. Sellers can still put in more keywords; however, Amazon will no longer index these keywords. As a result, they will not work when a user searches for these keywords.

What is SEO on Amazon?

SEO or search engine optimization is creating product listings in a way that appears high in the search results. An optimized product listing can outrank the competitors and grab the top place in a search result.

In Google, the main purpose of SEO optimization is to have a site appear in the top results. This draws traffic to the site.

However, Amazon SEO optimization solely exists to make the shopping experience easier for customers. This way, more customers are attracted to the site. And the more people visit the products, the better the chances of making a sale.