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Amz Scout Review: Is It Worth It?

17, Tue, Mar, 20 07:17
Introduction to AMZScout
AMZ Scout Review
What is the Price of AMZScout?
AMZScout Web App vs AMZScout Extension.
How Does AMZScout Estimate Sales?
AMZScout Tools
Other AMZ Scout Tools & Features
Advantages of AMZ Scout Over Other Tools
All You Need to Know About Amazon Listing Optimization Before Getting AMZ Scout.
Alternative Tools to AMZ Scout
Final thoughts

Introduction to AMZScout

Having used several marketing products from Amazon, some of these instruments have been very helpful in rising revenue and productivity. Although, other features and reliable data that is lacking. With this review from AMZScout, you will see first-hand why AMZScout is one of the best resources for Amazon sellers

The Amazon Market Analysis Tool with a twenty million market database comes to you to ensure that you have all the right details to run your business in Amazon. Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers have developed AMZScout. The founders of AMZScout witnessed first-hand the time it took to locate items for sale, and with less than impressive results.

With the aid of Amazon's algorithms and production data, companies like AMZScout were able to build tools that reduce significantly the time taken to find a viable product for sale and accelerate the product listing process. AMZScout has a Chrome plugin for Amazon vendors, which provides a web-based app, free tools and fantastic customer support.

We will discuss the useful features of every resource in this study. This is one of the best resources an Amazon seller can use after or before investing in the AMZScout tool. Make sure to read the AMZ scout review to the end for a full understanding of the tool.

AMZ Scout Review

amzscout pro

Yeah, it's another method for product testing, but it's cheaper than other competitive applications, has more functionality and more than fifty thousand customers trust it, that's no bad sign. Personally, from the looks of every feature of this device, it's helpful, it completes the reports and it's one of the key points to your Amazon company's success. These are all well-suited to the testing and monitoring phase of the manufacturer and are really easy to use. Write down what you want and do it in a blink of an eye.

What is the Price of AMZScout?

amz scout pro

Each function is tracked starting at $29.99 a month + 20 products to a total of 80 products. There are three plans available.

  1. The basic plan is $29.99 per month with all the functionality of a product tracker plus 20 items.
  2. The start package is $39.99 per month with all + 40 items included in the product tracking program.
  3. The business plan is $59.99 per month, including all the +80 items on the tracker of the company. Note, any product you purchase is a business fee that ensures that your Amazon earnings are tax deductible when you file taxes.

AMZScout Web App vs AMZScout Extension.

Without manual work, AMZScout lets you create your Amazon company using automated analytics. This is an important resource for those who want a competitive business niche or to improve sales. But how does AMZScout web-based functionality vary from AMZScout Chrome extension? Let's compare the Chrome Advanced AMZScout Extension with the Classic AMZScout. Such two goods complement one another and give you several advantages when combined.

Google Chrome Extension extracts Amazon's data as you are working on it and includes an instant benefit calculator. You can find niches directly on the Amazon Search List, Product List or the Seller's page and it is helpful to your customers. It has a niche concept, product rating, future rating and many other useful functions. Also, the Google Chrome browser will use the extension.

The extension provides you with product details from a different Amazon website. Specific Amazon websites can be evaluated usefully. Today's offers, promotions, gift ideas and best sellers are examples of pages you, as a seller, will profit from reviewing. Look for a small button in the top right corner of your Google Chrome browser after the extension is enabled.

Web App is a huge app that runs on our website (without the need to open Amazon, it works for any browser). Web App is a very useful application. You will be able to track up to eighty product and see their daily numbers and keywords explorer, which allow you to test the amount of search.

amzscout extension

The Web App gives you a full product database. In the cloud-not on Amazon website like extension-AMZScout web software functions. While there are similar interfaces in the web-application and extension, the features are not the same. Included in this software application are the Keyword Explorer, product details database and inventory tracker.

You can find keywords based on various product categories with Keywords Explorer. You will be sent to the Brand Server after choosing a relevant keyword. This lists all related items, including costs, forecasts of revenue, scores, etc. To track the sale process, you can also add any product to the Customer Tracker. You can monitor up to 20 items using the Basic version.

By operating in various ways, the software framework complements the extension.

The extension enables you to obtain directly from Amazon new data, while more detail on additional parameters is provided by the web application. The Product Data Base in the web application is crucial if you choose to identify new consumer niches that suit your requirements.

Open the Amazon website and begin the extension when you want to find a product to sell. When you find goods, include them in tracker monitoring and market patterns to purchase at the right moment.

How Does AMZScout Estimate Sales?

AMZScout uses the latest research and reasoning to grasp every item's sales volume. It also takes the details about the ranking from actual Amazon Sales to determine the company volume for any products. These also go deeply into sub-categories, if the element has no rank in the parent classification, these assess sales in sub-categories or relevant groups.

The estimation process consists of the following steps:

  1. The tools tracks a portion of the inventory of the product. It's not realistic as we know it as a whole, and Amazon wouldn't give that knowledge to anyone, but we can just work out how to overcome our shortcomings and find a solution. AMZScout tracks top items listed and their stock in a similar way.
  2. It's very persuasive that they don't have all the details, but it takes a shot at some approaches to estimate sales. The tool follows and checks number 1 item in stock over a time frame; however, if it doesn't have the details for other 3 items and it has information for number 5 and 6 items, and then has number 10 item stock information. It then takes that information as an average to determine the business information of that type or object.

AMZScout Tools

There are approximately 12 tools available for AMZScout. Sales and Revenue estimates, spying on your competition, Keywords explorer, Fulfillment details, shows trends, ranks sales, Profit calculator, Sales history per year, current information on ratings, Instant of product listing, Instant product sourcing.

As previously stated, the AMZScout offers 4 additionally free tools, 2 web-based and 2 chrome-based extensions. All of the tools that you get for your apps are important lite models.

Sales Estimator:

This tool offers a very rough guide on the number of sales of a group based on its sales rating, as you have probably guessed. It only provides you with high-level sales and does not allow you to niche down, but it gives you everything that you want

AMZScout FBA Calculator:

Also, a lite version of the tool, which you get as a single product instead of many, in the App & Extension. Only include the URL or the ASIN to AMZScout and do the rest (the price is well found, the cost estimates and how many you think it will sell per month). Pretty useful if you only want to sell one or two goods and provide approximate estimates of the net income.

AMZScout Stock Stats:

Works a ton as the it says. It is a free Chrome extension, allowing you to display a product's total stock volume across all vendors.

Amazon Smart Shopper: Just one for sellers alone, but useful when buying (or even Drop-shipping / Amazon arbitrage). It is necessary to check the product you are purchasing on Amazon and then inform you if it is found cheaper on eBay.

Other AMZ Scout Tools & Features

  1. Fulfillment Details: Get almost every one of the data on FBA expense
  2. View Trends: Study and understand Google inclines on every item you’re examining.
  3. Sales Rank at a Glance: Gets the right data on Best Sellers Rank.
  4. Profit Calculator: Estimate your evaluated sales in a couple of clicks.
  5. Sales History of a Product per Year
  6. Instant Information on Ratings
  7. Get information on how various objects are evaluated in a very short moment.
  8. Value and quality of Product Listing
  9. Dismantle the consistency of posting through our LQS team.
  10. Quick Product Sourcing
  11. Get details about your prospective buyer in one tick.

Advantages of AMZ Scout Over Other Tools

Saturation Score:

It displays how many users during the last 30 days have seen or explored the niche in the AMZScout Chrome extension. Saturation score makes it easier to understand whether there are any other users who find this niche before.

Niche Score:

This score looks into the niche to determine its potential for overall profit. The extension splits the Niche Score and offers three areas of analysis: income, demand and competition. It is close to the product score evaluation, but there is more information since you are evaluating a whole product niche and not an individual listing.

Product Score:

This statistic summarizes how well the company complies with the main FBA experts’ criteria. Simply put, it tells you how easy or difficult it is to successfully sell the same company. A brief summary will offer verdicts such as Advantages or Disadvantages to help you get a quick look at a given product.

Niche History and Product History: You will find graphs in the AMZScout Pro Extension that show you differences in price, rank and sales for a particular product or the entire niche.

All You Need to Know About Amazon Listing Optimization Before Getting AMZ Scout.

For every brand owner or private label owner, this is the biggest question: how can you customize your listings correctly to boost Amazon sales? There's no easy response and it's just "one thing." Amazon's success means doing a lot well, working together to generate long term profits strategically. In this post, you will Amazon optimization of the listing and how Amazon sellers can exploit them to fulfill their goals, irrespective of size and scope. 

The optimization of Amazon Listing is the enhancement process of product pages, which improves search visibility, click-through rate (CTR) and convert rate (CR). This method involves: keyword identification, text and image lists optimization and an improvement in analysis numbers. If so, this is a crucial thing you can do as an Amazon seller or distributor.

The A9 algorithm Explained

You should understand how the algorithm works, which would be the number one thing you can do to increase traffic to your listings and eventually boost sales. The efficient use of optimized algorithm approaches and strategies can mean exponential increase for your business. 

To determine how items are ranked to test reports, the A9 algorithm is the method used by Amazon to rank sellers. This is similar to Google's search results algorithm, which considers keywords when deciding which search results to be most important and which will thus be shown first.

Nevertheless, the A9 algorithm also emphasizes inventory conversions; this is one important distinction between Google and the Amazon algorithms. That is due to Amazon's dedication to supporting listings which are more likely to contribute to sales. This is why Amazon ranks higher with a long history of sales and a high rate of conversion.

Amazon Product Listing Elements

The product page will include the search keyword if a product appears in the Amazon search. The consumer won't see the offer without it. Therefore, the very first rule for keyword optimization is straightforward: include all the relevant keywords on your product page. Allow ample time for detailed research into keywords to find these important keywords. You will apply keywords to your product in important positions once your work is done.

Product Title:

Put in the title of the company the top five keywords. This is no longer relevant, according to the latest ranking algorithm. A concise and readable title can now be established more carefully.

Product Images:

Nine product photos with a lead image will be supported by Amazon. You can have a maximum of 1.000 pixel wide and 500 pixels high images as many as you want. Your images will also reflect the scale and nature of the product you offer, because a large deal of negative reviews will come from consumers who don't know the actual scale of the product that you are selling.

Product Reviews:

For explaining the main product features, Amazon gives you 1,000 characters. Using it to reassure prospective customers that the value and benefits of your company are greater than the competition. Using high-quality bullet-points to stress the advantages and main characteristics of your company. The category you sell on is largely based on the length of the bullet points so you shouldn't have bullet points that are too long.

Product Description:

It is your chance to show why the product definition is superior to other similar goods. Amazon offers 2000 characters that explain what the company is and how it works to potential customers. So, try to use as many of the 2,000 characters as possible to address some of the characteristics listed in the previous section.

Product Ratings:

The best way to receive 4 or 5-star ratings is to include the high-quality product you have defined accurately. Check if they are within the guidelines of Amazon if you get any negative or favorable feedback.

When you are an Amazon seller, you will have to build an Amazon product list at some point. This could be a private label, a modern retail arbitration or a single kit. Through detailed and compelling product listings, the sales and product rankings can be improved. You would typically notice bad product reviews, from which you are able to benefit from, if you shop frequently with Amazon.

Typical mistakes in the product listing include keyword-spammed names, misleading pictures and mediocre product details.

Alternative Tools to AMZ Scout

  • IO Scout is a perfect online match for arbitrage and private labels. It analyses millions of products on Amazon, using their sales, revenue, prices, and many more to find great and brilliant products.
  • Jungle Scout: The Amazon research tool, Jungle Scout lets you identify popular goods, forecast revenue, scan keywords and spy on niche competitors from an easy-to-use dashboard. In reality, it shows you products that are the easiest to develop.
  • Seller App assists Amazon businesses in controlling Amazon's selling process. Using this software, you can easily monitor and execute transactions and sales. You can control your stock on the go and answer all questions from customers fast.

Final thoughts

The AMZScout as an Amazon tool is very useful overall and it is a product that should be recommended. The entire Amazon platform is indeed a search engine buyer-specific platform. You want to ensure the correct listings are displayed that reliably turn consumers who are looking for a product into purchases. 

Amazon has many ways to incorporate content for sellers, including the title, box points, definition, product images and improved brand advertising fields. Such fields will all work together harmoniously to optimize the transition of tourists to customers. So, Amazon needs you to do just that. You want the greatest proportion of tourists you send to become buyers... and you (and other sellers) buy as much as you can.

In contrast to other tools like in the market, AMZScout is a reliable product research tool. It has a range of excellent apps to help you find profitable products for online sales. Basic plan begins at $29.99/month, and is very affordable compared to other resources for product searching. More than 80,000 consumers across the globe have trusted this.

AMZScout seems to be superior to many tools in the market since it offers more features at a lower cost. We would suggest that you go to with AMZScout if you need to make the most of your testing tool expenditure.

One thing we loved about AMZScout is it's a paid month-to-month extension that allows you to pick out what kind of items you might want to sell off as data indicates, rather than instinct. 


Is AMZScout Free, How Much Does AMZScout Cost?

The rates range from $30 to $60 for the AMZScout Web app every month. It has a monthly basic plan of $29.99, start-up plan of $39.99, monthly, and an enterprise plan of $59.99, monthly. The chrome extension of the AMZScout is available at a one-time price of $199. This can also be bought on an annual price plan of $99 or $44.99 per month.

Can I Cancel My Subscription on AMZScout:

Yes, you can cancel your AMZScout. All you have to do is to go to your account settings which is in the side menu, then click on the Update Credit Card tab you see in the menu. The option to cancel your subscription next to the Update Credit Card. A reason would be asked why you want to cancel your subscription. Do choose a reason and you’re good to go. 

AMZScout supports what markets: The extension includes Amazon United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, India and Mexico. While, The Web App covers the United Kingdom, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, India and the USA.

Which Markets Does the AMZScout Supports?

The extension serves the US, India, Canada, France, Spain, UK, Germany, , Italy and Mexico marketplaces. The Web App on the other hand supports all the previously listed countries except Mexico.

Nevertheless, you must be sure that you agree to company plans and exclusive plans for access to them.

What Can The AMZ Scout Do For You As a Seller?

By using the AMZ Web App and Extension, you will be able to discover BSR, month-to-month sales, profits, and so on without even going to the website pages of products via Amazon. You could bring the data together in a flash and make great deals.