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Amazon Sales Rank – A Complete Guide

18, Tue, Feb, 20 17:25
What is Amazon Sales Rank?
Is Best Seller Rank (BSR) the same as Amazon Sales Rank (ASR)?
How is Amazon sales rank calculated?
The Key Factors that Can Help to Grow Sales Rank
Top 3 Tools to Detect Sales and Sales Rank
How to Boost Amazon Sales Rank?
Final Thoughts

Today, we are going to look at the way products rank on Amazon. While Amazon never releases true sales data concerning this ranking system, we are going to look at what information we do have and put it against some popular theories to try to better understand Amazon Sales Rank. There are some popular tools and methods for estimating how many sales a product is making, and that information is very valuable. One tool worth exploring for Amazon FBA sellers is IO Scout, which is an all-in-one solution for Amazon businesses. IO Scout’s platform includes the functionalities you would come to expect from keyword tools as well as Chrome Extension, FBA Calculator, Sales Estimator, and many more, but with fewer restrictions – allowing your Amazon FBA business to continue flawlessly.

what does amazon sales rank mean

What is Amazon Sales Rank?

What does Amazon sales rank mean? Amazon sales rank shows how well an item is doing at any given time when compared with another item of the same category. For example, an item that is outselling its competition will currently rank at number one. The second best selling item will rank at number two.

To better understand where your ranking lies, you need to see how many sellers are ahead of you in the same category. If you are ranked at number 5, that means there are four other items on Amazon that are selling better than you. This, of course, means they have a higher sales volume than you do. 

You can't rank items that are in different categories. Although it is possible for an item on Amazon to rank in more than one subcategory. That's why you'll sometimes see a product ranked highly in one category but ranked lower in another subcategory.

Is Best Seller Rank (BSR) the same as Amazon Sales Rank (ASR)?

Yes. Both of these reflect the ranking of an item on Amazon within a specific category based on a number of different factors.

How is Amazon sales rank calculated?

Since Amazon never releases details on how exactly they rank items, one can only theorize as to how this is done. We know the sales volume plays some part in these figures but any other details are unknown.

One would think that Amazon looks at how long an item has stayed at the top. Of course, you would think they would take into account price fluctuations and things of that nature, as well.

And if Amazon truly does look at how long an item stays ranked we still have no idea what kind of time frame they look at when getting their sales data.

Most people agree that it is no more than 24 hours. Some say it's actually a lot less. Logic would dictate, however, that the time frame is actually much greater than 24 hours. One also has to wonder what kind of impact earlier sales play in Amazon's calculating sales rank.

Many people believe that recent sales have a bigger impact when compared to older sales. If you look at the way Amazon calculates its sales rank, it looks at more recent purchases as more valuable than older ones.

Let's take a moment to look at an example. Let's say a pair of red shoes sold really well at the start of the week. A pair of blue shoes sold the exact same amount during the last couple of days of the week.

Clearly, the blue shoes have more value than the red shoes due to the sale being sooner. Dizzying, I know. But stay with me.

Once Amazon compiles all of this information, they then compare the total value against several other products within the same category. Whatever that item lands on the bestsellers list, that is its end ranking.

There are several programs that offer an Amazon Sales Rank calculator. This can help you estimate how many items are selling each day in order to achieve a certain sales rank.

These programs usually include an Amazon Sales Rank chart to help you view the sales rank Amazon gives a product over time.

The Key Factors that Can Help to Grow Sales Rank

When Amazon looks at all the different ways in which a product fluctuates in the ranking, there are several factors that could come into play. Let's take a look at each one of these factors to get a better understanding of the impact they can have on sales rank.

  • Conversion rate: This can be anything from product reviews to pricing. If a product rates poorly, that can obviously cause it to drop in ranking. If an item fails to meet Amazon's image requirements, that can also cause it to fall in rank. If many people view the item and don't buy, that can also lead to a drop in ranking.
  • Customer satisfaction: Obviously, you want customers to continue to buy from you and you alone. This is what makes customer retention so valuable to the seller. If you can keep a customer doing business with only you, your chances of getting great feedback increase exponentially. If you have a hard time retaining customers, chances are it's going to reflect greatly in your reviews and feedback, thus causing your rank to plummet quickly.
  • Relevancy: Let's face it. If your product isn't popular, it's going to fall in the rankings rather quickly. This goes hand-in-hand with conversion rates in customer satisfaction, or more specifically customer retention. The more people you have coming back to buy from you, the higher your ranking is going to stay. Items that people are no longer interested in is a death sentence for a brand. This is why you often see hot gimmicks on the scene one minute and they’re gone the next. Tried-and-true products that work and have a good reputation tend to stay higher ranking than others. Consumers get tired of fads very quickly. As mentioned above, that's why an item will be popular one day and disappear the next. It is also the reason why there are so many fly-by-night businesses popping up on Amazon left and right. Everybody wants a piece of the proverbial pie. More often than not, these products are poor in quality and their reviews reflect as much. That's a prime example of an item ranking highly at the beginning of the week, yet they’re nowhere to be seen among the rankings toward week's end.

Top 3 Tools to Detect Sales and Sales Rank

Let's take a look at some of the most popular and successful tools on the market for boosting your Amazon Sales Rank.

IO Scout

IO Scout is one of the most popular sales ranking tools for Amazon . This third-party application has a massive database of over a hundred and fifty million products listed on Amazon. It is hard to find other tools with such an impressive collection.

IO Scout helps you find ideas to make your products profitable. It allows you to adjust filters so that you can better search for its database.

When trying to detect sales data, you need a product that is updated frequently to ensure that it reflects real-time sales data. That is why IO Scout updates every hour so that you can make the best decisions based on the most accurate information.

IO Scout gives you access to not only sales data but keyword searches, too. This lets you see what shoppers are looking for so that you can stay better ahead of the competition.

IO Scout's most impressive features are its ability to allow you to see what keywords your competitors are using to drive sales. You can use this to your advantage so that you stand a better chance at increasing your bottom line. With IO Scout, convenience is key. They offer a browser extension that allows you to research Amazon sales statistics and your competitors' methods so that you are one step ahead of everyone else.

And if you are part of a research team, IO Scout lets you connect with a maximum of 10 researchers all on your account. This will help you get work done sooner while collaborating with your team.

IO Scout even includes a handy calculator so that you can determine what kind of profits you're going to be making after the sale. We all know that Amazon gets a chunk up the proceeds due to the fact that they take care of packaging and shipping and all the other difficult tasks.

IO Scout is a very affordable resource. It will only set you back $29 each month. You only pay for what you use. What's more, if you pay for a yearly plan upfront, IO Scout gives you a huge discount.

On top of all of the great resources available, you get 24/7 customer support. IO Scout’s staff is known to provide some of the best customer services on the planet.

If you are in doubt, IO Scout offers a free trial so you can have a look for yourself at what they offer before you commit to buying it.

Jungle Scout

While Jungle Scout does have quite the learning curve, once you learn the ropes, it can be a very beneficial tool.

Jungle Scout's main purpose is to show you how well an item is currently trending on Amazon. If you are a wholesaler, this will help you make an informed decision on whether or not you should buy the product.

If you notice an item's sales are going south, you may want to steer clear of making the purchase. Tools like Jungle Scout rely heavily on a product’s BSR as we mentioned above.

Knowing the quality of a product will greatly benefit you and help save you money in the long run. By offering consumers a Chrome extension, you'll be able to see various product information in real-time as you work.

Jungle Scout even offers a web app that helps you find various Amazon products. It has a built-in filter that helps to give you more accurate search results.

Jungle Scout product tracker lets you monitor an item and see how its sales ranking and inventory fluctuates over time. This is a great way to see how any particular item is fairing on Amazon


Algopix is a handy tool that gives you real-time sales data on not just Amazon but eBay, as well. You get access to product identification, what items are currently recommended, a breakdown of expenses, what kind of demand an item currently has, as well as estimations of sales and total profit.

Algopix is a great way to see what the competition is doing and how you can keep up with them. By looking at their sales data, you have a better chance of competing by keeping your prices low and in line with the competition.

how to find amazon sales rank

How to Boost Amazon Sales Rank?

While there's a lot that goes into Amazon sales rank, there are some things you can do to help increase your standing. Let's go over a few of them so you can apply them to your sales strategy.

You always want to make sure that you have a quality product. By using the tools listed above, you stand a better chance at competing in Amazon's endless sea of products.

Use the available tools to make sure you have a quality listing. Some resources allow you to make creative adjustments to your listing to better attract shoppers.

You can expect to pay a handsome fee for some of these resources, but if they end up increasing your profits then they are well worth the investment. Always strive to provide quality customer satisfaction, as this will impact your ranking dramatically.

This goes hand-in-hand with customer reviews. Poor reviews can knock a product down in the rankings quicker than anything. There are some resources available that aim to ensure quality customer feedback.

These resources will cost you, but their methods are proven to generate positive feedback. A high level of answered questions also plays a big part in where a product sits in the rankings. This shows that an open line of communication is kept between the buyer and the seller, thereby building rapport with consumers.

As previously stated, the quality of your listing makes a big difference in the number of reviews your product will get. It is important that you put a lot of hard work into your listing. It will resonate with customers and keep them coming back.

There are services available that will write your description for you and supply quality photos. Several of these services have shown to be highly successful. They are rather expensive, so keep that in mind before partnering up.

Perhaps most important of all is price. You need to stay competitive and not get greedy. Having a good price can make or break an Amazon listing. Pay close attention to what your competitors are doing and what kind of conversion rate they have.

As we stated with the tools available, many services let you see successful keywords that your competitors use. You can apply the same strategy to your marketing campaign to better increase your revenue.

There's a term Amazon uses called the Bounce rate. This is the time it takes for a customer to click on your page check out your offers and either purchase or leave. And you'd better believe Amazon keeps a close eye on these metrics. While we don't know the full details, we can speculate that Amazon incorporates this data into the ranking system.

Another potential metric is how much time a customer spends on your page. Amazon looks at this as a good way to find out how much they are invested in your product. Obviously, if you have a large description and several reviews, it's going to take a customer a lot longer to look through your listing.

If you have a lot of questions and answers, this will also impact the amount of time that the customer is on your page. This is another metric that many believe Amazon factors in when it comes time to ranking a product

Final Thoughts

Having a high ranking is key to succeeding on Amazon. While we don't know the exact methods in which Amazon calculates its rankings, we can speculate and draw conclusions that will help us better increase our chances at staying highly-ranked.

If you're just getting started on Amazon, you may do best by trying out one of the products listed above. They can help boost traffic and increase your sales if you're unfamiliar with the whole process.

Having a high sales rank will serve you well going forward. Nothing will put a stop to your dreams quicker then having your product crash before it has a chance to soar. It is vital that your brand new listing does well right out of the gate.

amazon sales rank tracker


What is a good sales rank on Amazon?

Obviously, ranking at number one is what you should strive for. But this all depends on the category the item falls under. With electronics, for example, a good ranking is around 2,500 and up.

Different categories have different parameters and therefore have different standards in which people view as a good ranking.

How to find product rank on Amazon?

You will find this information under Amazon's best-sellers rank. This will give you the ranking of a product and any category that it's listed under. These numbers fluctuate all the time. That is why it is so important that you implement the tools that we have mentioned to better your rankings on Amazon.

How to rank higher on Amazon?

While there's a lot that goes into Amazon sales rank, there are some things you can do to help increase your standing. Let's go over a few of them so you can apply them to your sales strategy.

Amazon is stingy with their information, but we can use what we know to try to gauge how rankings work and what goes into the process. Keep in mind that these are unknown theories that the best minds have wagered on. There's a good chance that they are right on the money and that their numbers are accurate.

You always want to make sure that you have a quality product. This is tantamount in having a high Amazon Sales Rank. By using the tools listed above, you stand a better chance at competing in Amazon's endless sea of products.

Use the right tools to make sure you have a great listing. Some tools allow you to make changes to your listing to better your chances of success.

You can expect to pay a handsome fee for some of these resources, but if they end up increasing your profits then they are well worth the investment. Always strive to provide quality customer satisfaction, as this will impact your ranking dramatically.

You have to strive for quality customer reviews. One bad review when you're just getting started can destroy your brand in no time.

Keep that open line of communication with your customers. This will serve you well going forward. If customers know they can trust you, chances are they're going to keep buying from you in the future.

And remember to keep those prices low. This is one of the most important things you can do for your brand. There are always going to be competitors out there who try to outsell everyone else at super low prices. By using the tools that we have listed, you have a better chance at competing with these guys and staying afloat

Drive to provide quality products to your customers. Nothing drops a ranking quicker than the negative reviews on a bad product. If you're buying wholesale, some of the tools we've listed will let you know how a product does over time.

This helps you to make an educated and wise buying decision. You'll know well ahead of time whether an item is going to pay off in the long run. These tools will help you to use your money wisely and put it towards the best products available with the best ratings.

These metrics are worth their weight in gold and will serve you well. You're going to be unfamiliar with them starting out, but stick with them and learn the ropes. If used properly and wisely, they will pay off in the end.

This is why aiming to get high reviews will make all the difference and where your product ranks on Amazon's charts. You may want to consider becoming an Amazon affiliate.

While there are no metrics available to gauge whether this has any impact on your rankings, it is a good way to make some extra money on the side if you're just getting started in the online industry.