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All About Amazon Sales Estimator

10, Mon, Feb, 20 17:28
Purpose of Amazon sales rank estimator
Why you should use a Software for Estimating Sales?
What is the Sales Rank on Amazon?
How Does Amazon Assign the Sales Rank
Best Amazon Sales Estimator

amazon sales estimator

Amazon is among the largest sites to sell almost any kind of stuff in different categories. From books and home decor items to consumer electronics and automotive parts, anything can be sold on this platform.

Since it has zillions of items, every day hundreds of people purchase something from this site. With these stats, you can imagine how tough it would be to discover a product with the potential to do well in this competitive marketplace and convince customers to buy it.

At this stage, one must be wondering how are the characteristics of the units that perform well can be identified and what to do to discover such products. Right? Well, the most successful products are usually those with large sales volume and the capability to produce high-profit margins.

Now, the main task is to find such items. Wouldn’t it be tiring to manually check the figures of so many products and compare them? Not to mention, you can get inaccurate results this way with is why several top-rated companies are offering a tool called sales estimator that calculates everything within a few minutes. This way you can save a lot of time and energy as you are not required to calculate everything by yourself.

Here, we have discussed the functionality and attributes of the most efficient and reliable amazon sales volume estimator.

Purpose of Amazon sales rank estimator

It is a fantastic tool for anyone who wishes to introduce anything on such a big platform. It collects the info of the gazillion of goods that different suppliers are offering on Amazon and presents the magnitude of sales and the expected cash that could be earned. Figuring out if a good worth your efforts or should you look for another one is made easy by this software.

This software is definitely a necessity for the newbies who are trying to introduce a new item. Let us say, someone wants to sell running shoes or electronics gadget but is not sure if it would generate sales and attract the audience, he/she can utilize a sales estimator amazon to find out of the amount of cash they are going to get from it and how much unit they can sell every month. It's great. Isn't it?

Why you should use a Software for Estimating Sales?

It is needless to say that everyone wants his/her item to perform well on the platform whether online or any other and for this, the right approach is to look for that ideal item with the minimum reach but high demand.

When you are introducing a good on a big retailer like Amazon with so much competition the need for accurate product research increases even more. This is the time when you need a tool for estimating the units that could be sold and the profit you are going to earn for it. It saves the users from the hassle of creating complex spreadsheets consisting of hundreds of formulas.

It also helps you determine the monthly sales of different items and aids you in improving the sales rank. Not to mention, you can also keep an eye on your rivals and competitors by tracking the number of items they sell monthly. What’s more, you can analyze the performance of your product as well. One way you can check Amazon sales history is by harnessing a tool such as IO Scout. IO Scout's platform includes all the functionality you would expect from an Amazon Price Tracker tool, and much, much more. You even get your own Amazon Personal Assistant!

What is the Sales Rank on Amazon?

amazon sales rank

It is the rank of your item that denotes the performance of your product among the other products of its category. It is based on the number of sales that the item has generated and can be found on the item’s information section.

It is represented in terms of a number. Since there can be millions of items in a specific category, it is quite difficult to get a rank below 100. If your product has a rank number between 1-10, it means it is doing pretty in its category. It goes without saying, sellers always try to reach the no. 1 rank for their items.

For example, if you are selling hiking shoes, they fall in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry category. Now let us assume this item has a rank of 160. It means 159 different products in this category are selling more than your product.

However, the rank is updated by Amazon almost every 2 hours so it is possible that it changes several times a day. Your item can have a rank of 200 now and it can change to 180 after two hours.

How Does Amazon Assign the Sales Rank

Since sales rank plays a significant role in the product’s performance, it is quite useful to know how it is calculated.

Amazon actually uses an algorithm that takes into account several elements for determining the rank of your item. The algorithm is known as A9 It looks into the data of the recent sales and compares sales trends to that of other products in the same category. The main factor, however, is how many units you have sold recently.

The higher the number of units sold, the better the sales rank. However, Amazon has not officially stated how they calculate the ranks.

If your product has a higher number, you know that your product needs to sell more. But how can that be done? Don’t worry as there are several ways to improve it.

First of all, you need to ensure that you are selling a top-notch product because only then the buyers will be completely satisfied with it and hence more people will purchase it.

This way you can also get more positive reviews for your item and it will help with more sales and a better rank. One important thing to know here is that reviews and ratings don’t directly affect the rank but since they greatly influence customer's decision of purchasing a product, they do have an impact on it.

Secondly, always try to use the right phrases and keywords in the listing. You also need to closely monitor your inventory and restock it before it runs out and affect your item’s rank in terms of sales.

Also, always set a reasonable price for anything you are selling and try to use fulfillment service offered by Amazon as it automatically aids in attaining a better rank.

Best Amazon Sales Estimator

Jungle scout estimator

You can find several different types of sales estimators, some of them are available for free while some are available as paid plans, but for the most accurate results, you must use a reliable tool for estimating sales.

Below we have listed the best tools for determining the expected number of sales and the profit they can produce for you.

  • Jungle Scout
  • IO Scout
  • Helium 10
  • AMZScout
  • Seller Legend
  • Unicorn Smasher
  • ASINspector
  • Viral Launch

IO Scout

amazon product sales estimator

IO Scout offers several other powerful tools for sellers as well including a keyword research tool.

IO Scout Amazon Sales Estimator is an efficient tool and has zillions of Amazon items in its database. Not only is it free to use but it is simple and user-friendly as well. You don’t need to be an expert to use it. This estimator also provides you the opportunity to track your rival’s performance in terms of sales.

The data includes average revenue and retail price. It even displays graphs of every item to enable the user to analyze info more thoroughly. The rank of the good and buyers feedback reviews can also be analyzed.

Jungle Scout

amazon sales rank

JungleScout is a well-known tool among sellers of Amazon for discovering the perfect product to sell and estimating sales. Since Jungle Scout is developed by Amazon sellers, they understand what type of data a seller needs to be successful on this huge platform. Hence, many sellers trust this app.

This estimator can be used on Jungle Scout’s website or on their mobile app. To use it, simply go to their website. There you will see three sections asking for the rank number, the amazon marketplace like the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, etc. and the item category.

Once all the info is submitted, just hit the “Calculate Sales” button to see sales estimation per month. Let's say results display number 750, it means the seller is expected to sell this many units every month in the category you have chosen.

It is undoubtedly an outstanding tool which is why it is in our list of top sales estimators.

Helium 10

Helium 10 knows that Amazon sellers don’t only need sales estimate but they require other information as well to be successful such as discovering the right keywords, searching the best products, etc. that is why it offers various powerful tools.

From listing your item perfectly to determining the most accurate keywords, Helium 10 is an ideal tool for anything. It offers 4 subscription plans including a free one. However, if you need access to more advanced features, it is best that you subscribe to one of the paid packages.

Helium 10’s tool for finding profitable items is called Xray. It has a large database with millions of items and offers an amazing opportunity to discover the right item to sell and monitor your rivals so that you can have an advantage over them.

Xray comes as a chrome plugin or extension and displays data while you browse on Amazon. Let's assume you wish to get stats of vacuum cleaners a run a search on the search engine of Amazon where a list of best cleaners would be displayed. The next step is to launch Xray through the Helium10 icon in the web browser and it will display the statistics for all these items.

Scribbles is another exceptional tool by Helium 10 which helps you in optimizing the item’s listing by removing any copied keyword from it while Frankenstein tool searches the best keywords for your item.


AMZScout wasn’t the first pick of the entrepreneurs when it first came out but now innumerable sellers are using it frequently for accessing detailed stats of different goods and analyzing them.

AMZScout estimator for sale is a free platform for getting a rough idea of how well your item can sell. However, if you desire to obtain advanced info about the product, the monthly, yearly or lifetime subscription must be purchased.

This sales estimator is designed to be used by anyone and hence is quite simple and easy to use. It gives an estimation of sales based on the sales rank of the item.

If you wish to access this platform, go to the AMZScout website and choose your desired category which can be anything from appliances to jewelry. It will then direct you to the sales calculator where you to put in the ranking of the item and that’s it, you will get the monthly expected sales within seconds.

This tool might be a simple one but you must be aware of the item’s ranking for obtaining the results. It works on Amazon USA, UK, Spain, Canada, and many other marketplaces. You will receive the most accurate results for the US site.

Seller Legend

Having the ability to provide accurate info, SellerLegend is among the most efficient sales estimator tools. The top feature of this app is its ability to display the results in a great manner. What's more, it even lets you customize the results. The vibrant interface of this software really makes it easy for anyone to read the results and analyze them.

It will give you the gross sales and profits estimation for the present day and the next 7, 14 and 30 days so that you can decide easily if the item is worth investing in. To make it even more uncomplicated it also presents bar graphs of the item's history. Pie charts and graphs of other data are also available.

Seller Legend is not only famous for the way it displays the data but also for its accuracy. You can also monitor your inventory and sales through this tool. The Seller Legend estimator can be found in their dashboard.

It offers four pricing plans starting from $49.99 per month. Every subscription package comes with a free trial which allows you to determine if you want to continue using this software or not.

Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher is actually a free tool developed by AMZ Tracker so that sellers can always be on top. It offers an efficient way of finding the right item to sell through a chrome plugin.

This software gathers all the useful info for the sellers based on the real-time info of the zillions of Amazon items. Through the web browser plugin, it enables you to analyze the info right on the item's page. It saves the user from the trouble of collecting info of every single item and comparing them manually.

It will show the seller price and will anticipate sales of any amazon item. The rank of the good and the amount of reviews that the audience left of a specific item can also be seen. All the details are properly organized in a dashboard which makes it is easy for anyone to read and analyze it. Not to mention, it also calculates the opportunity score to aid you in evaluating if the product is profitable.

This tool may not offer a detailed and advanced analysis but it is still pretty good for governing how a certain unit is going to perform and whether you should even sell it or not.


ASINspector is another amazing software for determining the sales estimates of any item on Amazon as it produces top-notch results. It will tell you the accurate monthly volume of sales. From estimated sales to no of reviews and Fba fees, this tool calculates everything. Not only that, but it also offers several other excellent tools.

It consists of a calculator for determining profits and inform how much profit can be produced after paying for all the service charges while the product page analysis provides detailed information of the product.

The UPC barcode scanner helps in comparing different service charges like shipping etc. Listing assister, net payout, and item keywords are also among the top features offered by ASINspector. You can import UPCs and ASINs as well.

However, it is not a free tool and offers two pricing packages. The standard plan can be used for $97 which is to be paid only one time but it doesn’t offer all the functions while for the PRO plan user will initially pay $147 and an additional $10/month. It provides access to all the functions of ASINspector.

This software supports different amazon sites such as the US, UK, Germany, France, and Spain, etc. Not to mention the customer support is excellent.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch has a great variety of functions for sellers that can aid them to run their online business efficiently

The ViralLaunch estimator is named Market Intelligence which provides you the opportunity to increase your good's sales. This tool is specially crafted to aid the sellers in improving their performance. It is a chrome plugin that shows data directly on the amazon page.

Market Intelligence displays information such as prices, estimated giveaways, product idea score, and average ranking. It also has a calculator for determining the price and profit margins of any item. It uses the real-time data of millions of items and hence provides accurate data.

Viral Launch consists of four subscription plans which enable the users to access different numbers of functions and features. The beginner plan is available for a monthly payment of $50.15 and offers the least number of functions while for getting access to the “Data Hunter” package $339 has to be paid per month and it has all the tools designed by Viral Launch.

Market intelligence can be used for free by simply creating an account, however, it will only allow five searches.

Viral Launch is a must-have software for any seller who wishes to improve their product’s performance.

Final Thoughts

Amazon is a very huge marketplace with millions of customers and sellers. In such a competitive platform only those sellers can survive who utilizes effective techniques and tools for selling different sorts of items. Whether you desire to list an automotive part or a jewelry item, proper and deep research must be conducted for introducing your goods on Amazon.

An effective way to evaluate the efficiency of any product is to pay attention to its sales trends and rank in terms of sales. The rank of any good is based mainly on the recent sales history of that item.

Since collecting info on a variety of goods manually and organizing it in a spreadsheet to compare items can consume a lot of time, the use of software for governing sales is almost necessary.

A platform for determining whether a certain item will be profitable or not is the most important weapon of any seller. It is an efficient tool for evaluating the expected sales of any good and discovering how much it is desired by people. Through such stats, it can be determined without much effort whether the item has the ability to perform well in this platform or not.

Many of the top-rated brands offer numerous software for determining sales estimation. Each tool has its own advantages, the one you should be using is highly dependent on which info do you want to gather.


What's a Good Rank for the item on Amazon?

Without a doubt, the ideal rank for every seller is no. 1. However, since there can be thousands of products in a certain category the sales rank of the product can even go above thousand. A sales rank below 10 indicates your product is performing quite well in its category and there are only a few items above it that have more sales.

How can I check sales on Amazon?

You can check the sales of your product in your seller central dashboard. However, if you want to keep an eye on the number of sales and reviews etc. of your competitors’ products, you can do it easily through different sales estimators that are available easily. These tools will not only let you track the performance of competitors but gives you an estimate of your monthly sales as well.

How to choose the best sales estimator?

There are many top-rated and reliable sales estimators available both free and paid and offer different features. You should always choose the one that can present the information you actually want.