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Amazon Product Research and Finder Tool- An Ultimate Guide

13, Thu, Feb, 20 07:42

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Amazon is among the most trusted and popular marketplaces as thousands of people buy something from this site every day. This means there are a great number of sellers as well on this platform offering these goods. With so many people offering different kinds of items, the competition on this platform is very tough and anyone who wishes to become a seller here must think it through to achieve success.

It is not as simple as waking up one day and suddenly decide to introduce any random item because you need solid data and information to evaluate whether it is even worth selling or not. Whether you are thinking of launching an item as simple as zipper pulls or as complex as automotive parts, you must make a proper plan before introducing it on Amazon.

From selecting the right goods for selling and calculating the investment required to inserting the most suitable keywords in the title and description for better search rank and tracking the reviews, you need to pay attention to every aspect right from the start. Apart from these factors, you must also ensure that your goods are of high quality.

Sometimes the reason of an item not able to sell is that either it is not in demand or it is being offered by many other sellers as well. So the first and most important step of running a successful business in this highly competitive marketplace is to discover and select the perfect niche and item for selling.

If you don’t conduct proper research before launching the goods, there are high chances that it will fail to produce profits because everything will be based on luck rather than facts. Now, don’t worry if you don’t have time to collect data of so many goods because there are many top-notch tools available for this purpose knows as amazon product finder.

If you want to learn everything about discovering the right goods including the best tools that can assist you with it, keep reading the article.

Purpose of Amazon Product Research Tool

It is among the most important tools and software for online sellers as it lets them discover the most appropriate goods to sell based on accurate data so that they can sell on this marketplace successfully. The most appropriate goods here means the items which people actually want to buy but still don’t have much competition. This way you can generate a large no. of sales and in turn high profits and income.

As the name suggests, this tool conducts all the research and brings you details related to sales and revenues of thousands of goods within a few minutes. They will also determine the estimated income, profits and no. of sales for a particular item. This efficient and time-saving tool is for both new sellers to be and experienced merchants looking to expand their business by introducing a new item. Hence, it is used by many merchants all around the world. IO Scout in particular is an all-in-one approach - a platform which includes the functionalities you would come to expect from a tailored Amazon selling solution, all with an extremely competitive price point, as little as $14 per month for every functionality you could need. You even have your own Amazon Personal Assistant to answer all your questions!

The Importance of Product Research

The aim of every seller no matter what he/she is offering is to sell as many units as possible and earn the maximum amount of money. The fact that product research can greatly assist you in generating higher sales and profits is enough to show how important it is to discover the right item.

Since shoppers are the ones who actually pay you and increase your sales, it is very important to offer them what they really want. When you thoroughly analyze the details of goods similar to your item, you will get important insights into what needs to be improved according to the needs and requirements of the shoppers. Hence you can shape your goods according to what is desired by customers. This is a great way to gain a competitive advantage.

The research for discovering the best products will also help you in deciding an affordable yet profitable price for your goods because when you know the prices and sales of other similar items offered by your competitors you can understand which price level is considered reasonable by shoppers.

Since the process of finding the right item involves keeping tabs on your competitors, it can also help you learn about their strength, best strategies and weaknesses through these you can gain an edge over them.

Product research is not only limited to analyzing details such as sales of different items rather it also includes determining the expected incomes and no. of sales of the item you wish to sell so that you can evaluate if it is profitable for you or not.

An important thing to know here is that income or profit estimations must include all the costs and fees associated with selling that particular product. These consist of the expenses of storing your goods, their packaging costs and shipping charges which depend on the dimensions and weight of your item.

Besides, it also takes into account the referral fee which is a fixed amount that you have to pay to Amazon every time you sell a unit through their platform. This fee is usually less than 15% for most of the categories, however, for some categories like clothing and accessories, it is more than 15%.

Furthermore, every seller has to pay a monthly fee as well based on the subscription package (individual or professional) they choose, these must be factored in as well while determining the expected income.

For newbies launching their first product, it is wise to select the items that are lightweight, small in size and have less than 15% referral fee so that they don’t have to invest too much in the beginning.

Top Amazon Product Research Tools

When it comes to the Amazon research tool, there are many options available to the sellers. Below are some of the best tools.

  • IO Scout
  • Jungle Scout
  • Viral Launch
  • Helium 10
  • Amzscout
  • Camelcamelcamel
  • Keepa


  • IO Scout

best amazon product research tool

Designed to provide the most accurate results, IO Scout with a massive database of around 120 million goods is considered as the best amazon product research tool by many entrepreneurs all over the globe. No matter which type of items you are looking to sell; your own private label goods, retail arbitrage or wholesale items, this efficient toolset can help you choose the best items.

Its database is updated on an hourly basis, hence it brings the users the real-time data of thousands of goods and provides them the most precise details.

When you are thinking of selling a certain item, its total sales and revenue, average sales rank, average review along with the ratings of all the similar goods offered by different sellers can be analyzed through this app. These stats will aid you in determining the potential of that item in terms of generating income and sales.

To get these stats all you need to do is open the web app, select the category and put in ASIN of the item and it will show you a list of items along with all the statistics in a few seconds. To make your research more specific you can apply filters such as price, reviews, rank, revenue and many more.

If you are not sure about which item to sell but are interested in a certain category, you can simply select the category and this efficient tool will show you the list of best selling items in that category which will make it easy for you to decide which is the right product for you.

Since the competition on this marketplace is quite high, this app brings you the product tracking feature through which you can monitor the goods of your competitor to learn about their strategies and gain a competitive edge. You can analyze their retail price to sell your goods at a reasonable price.

Not to mention, this toolset also consists of Amazon Revenue Calculator a tool known as “FBA Calculator” for calculating the expenses associated with a particular item. Based on the accurate data, this tool predicts the no. of sales that the item will produce and the income and profits that you can earn through it. Since the fulfillment fees mainly depend on the dimensions and weight of the goods you need to enter these in the tool along with the retail price to get the exact results.

Users can also get useful insights into the performance of different items by analyzing their history and trends through charts and graphs.

This toolset is also available as a chrome plugin which can be used to see the data instantly without leaving the page of the product.

IO Scout can be used through one of the 3 reasonable subscription packages; start-up, seller and business. For beginners, the start-up plan is ideal and it costs only $29/month or $174/year. The other two packages consist of more tools and features and are available at $49 and $69 per month respectively or alternatively, you can purchase a yearly subscription for $294 and $414 respectively. Furthermore, an option to use the free trial of any package is also available.

  • Jungle Scout

This is another excellent toolset that every entrepreneur on Amazon needs. Packed with several useful functions and features, this toolset will aid you in all the aspects of selling successfully. Whether you want to find out expected income or keep tabs on your competitors, it will help you with everything.

To pick the perfect item, you can analyze the total sales, average price, best seller rank and many other details of thousands of goods through this app. Furthermore, the profit calculator can be used to determine the income and sales of the item that you are interested in can generate. Filters category and sales etc. can also be applied to narrow down the research.

If you haven’t decided the niche, you can use “Opportunity Finder” which will let you examine a niche and give you a score for the niche to help you figure out if it is profitable or not.

To determine the performance of different goods, you can examine their trends and price history, etc. through charts and graphs. This is a great way to keep an eye on the performance of your competitors as well.

When you are done selecting the goods, the main task is to find the manufacturers, vendors or suppliers. Since Jungle Scout is a complete toolset for entrepreneurs it also helps you find the right suppliers or manufacturers for your goods through the supplier’s database which consists of details of hundreds of suppliers.

Another important tool offered by this app is the keyword tool which as the name suggests lets you find the most relevant keywords for your goods that can help you rank better in the different search queries of the shoppers.

If you are a beginner and don’t know much about selling on this platform, the app will help you with that as well. The “Jungle Scout Academy” consists of useful material about how to become a successful seller. The app works with different Amazon sites including the USA, UK, Spain, Canada, and France and is also available as a chrome plugin for those who want to get instant results right on the item’s page.

You can purchase the extension for $39 per month or $228 per year while the web app can be used for $49 per month or you can pay $468 per year. If you are interested in using both the web app and the extension you can purchase the “Jungle Scout and Extension” package for $69/month. If you don’t want to use the app after purchasing it, you can request a refund within 14 days.

  • Viral Launch

This is also a complete package for all those selling something online. Its easy to use yet efficient tool for finding goods can help you choose the best item quickly by bringing you the important stats of different items.

Through the accurate calculation of expected sales and income, you can quickly determine if the particular item is worth selling. Not to mention, the history and trends of similar goods will also help you in this regard. Best selling goods can also be tracked through this app.

Many search filters are available to make your research more precise and save your time. If you want to determine the performance of goods, you can analyze their “Opportunity score” and “Product idea score.”

To get the best keywords for your goods title and description, use the keyword research tool which will also show you the priority score and search volume of the keywords. If you are interested in automating your PPC process, you can use the “Kinetic PPC” tool.

The app can be used by purchasing one of the four subscription packages, beginner, pro, builder and kinetic, starting from $42/month.

  • Helium 10

This toolset is loaded with all the features an online seller needs. With a huge database of over 400 million products, the app definitely provides accurate results and allows the users to quickly examine their favorite items.

 The price and sales history of any item can be examined through the “Blackbox” tool while to get the most appropriate keywords for your listings, you can use the keyword tool. This tool also tells you which keywords and phrases are useless in your listings so that you can remove them and enhance your listings.

Helium 10 offers 4 subscription packages which include a free plan as well. The platinum package is available for $97 while Diamond and Elite plans can be used for $197 and $397 respectively.

  • Amzscout

This tool consists of various features of all your selling needs. The “niche score” along with profit, competition and demand columns will help you determine which niche is the best for selling. You can also determine the estimated revenue and sales through this app as well as the fulfillment and other selling expenses.

Users can also keep tabs on the sales and rank of your competitors to get a competitive edge. The graphs and charts make it easy to analyze the data.

The AMZScout Pro plugin is available for $44.99 per month or the lifetime package can be purchased for $199. There is a free trial as well.

  • Camelcamelcamel

camelcamelcamel is a free price tracker that can be used by both merchants as well as buyers to keep an eye on the price drops of the goods they are interested in. This user-friendly app notifies the users whenever the price of their favorite item drops. Furthermore, users can examine the history of the price of different goods through graphs. There is also a chrome plugin as well as an Andriod app of this tool.

  • Keepa

amazon research tool

Keepa is another free tool for tracking the price and availability of the items. This excellent tool also displays price history graphs.

For shoppers, the tool daily shows some of the best deals for that day based on the discounts and sales on the goods. This tool supports different Amazon marketplaces such as the USA, Europe, and Asia. The tool can be used as a browser plugin, desktop app, and Andriod app.

Do these Tools Guarantee Success?

No tool can guarantee success. These tools are only designed to help you operate more efficiently by saving your time and bringing you accurate data. Besides, selecting the best product is only the first step to success, there are many more factors involved which you must pay attention to in order to increase your sales and revenues.

First of all, if your item is not of high quality, no matter which product you choose it won’t be able to produce high income. So always ensure you are introducing the item that is durable and long-l

After you choose the perfect item and launch it on Amazon, you need to focus on its search rank because it doesn’t matter how much your product is in demand if it is not visible to the shoppers it won’t sell. Right? So you need to make sure it lands on the search results of their queries. For this, you have to optimize the title and description of your items with relevant keywords and these can be discovered through any reliable keyword finder tool.

Another important element that greatly contributes to success in terms of increasing sales review. These are the feedback comments that buyers leave on your item’s page after receiving their order and they have a strong impact on the decision of other shoppers about whether they should purchase your product or not. This is why it is important that you monitor the reviews and deal with the negative ones to maintain a good rating.

Negative reviews can either be because of the reason that shoppers are not satisfied with your item or it is also possible that your competitors left them on your product to devalue it so that more shoppers turn to their products. In any situation, it is necessary that you deal with them as quickly as possible.

Since reading so many reviews daily and separating the negative ones from them manually is not possible, it is best that you use a review checker tool that will not only scan your reviews within a few minutes but also tell you which ones are fake so that you can take action immediately.

If you pay attention to all these elements, there are higher chances of your success.

Final Thoughts

To achieve success on a big platform like Amazon, sellers must focus on every aspect and utilize all the technologies available to them. One of the key factors in becoming a successful seller is to select the right goods for selling by estimating the sales and income they can produce and examining the useful details of other similar goods in that category.

Discovering the best goods by collecting and analyzing data of different items all by yourself will take a lot of time and can still produce inaccurate results which is why many smart and successful merchants are using tools for this purpose. These tools gather the details of any hundreds of items quickly and bring you the exact stats.

There are sever top-notch tools available, you should choose the one that consists of all the tools and features you require.


Q: How can I select the right product?

A: When you analyze the important stats such as expected sales etc, through these tools you can easily determine how the item will perform in the future and based on that you can pick the best item.

Q: Should I use the web-app or browser plugin?

A: The plugin shows the data instantly on the products page while the web-app consists of more features and display detailed results. You should choose which one to use according to the type of information you want.