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Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Chrome Extension

12, Wed, Feb, 20 15:59

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Every entrepreneur wants to achieve success no matter which type of business they run but for this, they need to think smart and operate efficiently. The advancement of technology has now made life easy for business owners through useful software and tools. Several such technologies are also available for those selling on the biggest online retailer known as Amazon.

However, since Amazon is a massive marketplace, there are thousands of people offering stuff here which means there is always a tough competition. Let us say, you are thinking of offering a luggage bag, there will several other people offering the same kind of item. This makes it even more important for anyone running a business on this platform to utilize all the technologies available for them.

If you are an FBA seller this means you are already utilizing one of the best options available for the sellers. Through this program, Amazon stores your goods, takes care of their packaging and ships them to the shoppers every time they place an order. Furthermore, they contact your customers to get their feedback and handle the returns and refunds.

One important software for sellers that sometimes also benefits the shoppers is the amazon chrome extension. If you want to know what is the purpose of this tool and how you can use it for your benefit, this detailed article is the best place for you.

The Purpose of chrome amazon extension

The amazon extension chrome is a plugin for the chrome web browser which saves you from time-consuming activities such as gathering details of hundreds of goods etc. These extensions bring you useful information of goods and let you analyze them right on the item’s page.

If you utilize them properly you can significantly improve your sales and in turn the sales rank. Moreover, you can discover the most profitable goods quickly without any inconvenience. The listings can also be optimized for a higher rank by targeting the relevant keywords that people search for by using these extensions.

Some extensions are available as calculators that determine all the expenses of selling on this platform such as FBA fee, selling cost, etc. They also let you compare the costs of different fulfillment methods. This is a very useful software because through this you can determine the most economical fulfillment method as well as the amount of money that you have to invest.

The income that could be generated after paying for all the expenditures can also be determined through these tools. Furthermore, some tools available as “Price Trackers” allow you to keep tabs on the price of your favorite goods and notify the user whenever their price drops. Users can also track their own goods to keep an eye on their performance and analyze the trends and price history of any item.

There are different kinds of extensions developed by several reputable brands offering different types of features. Some of the most popular and used extensions are FBA fee calculator, Sales estimator, Profit Calculator, and Keyword tool while the most well-known brands offering these tools include Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, Helium 10 and AMZScout IO Scout. IO Scout Amazon seller tools in particular is an all-in-one approach - a platform which includes the functionalities you would come to expect from a tailored Amazon selling solution, all with an extremely competitive price point, as little as $14 per month for every functionality you could need. You even have your own Amazon Personal Assistant to answer all your questions!

The key point to note here is that the extensions developed specifically for chrome don’t work on other web browsers. However, some companies have created plugins that support many other popular browsers as well.

Should I Use Amazon Extension for Chrome?

Whether you want to use the plug or not is totally up to you but it sure is wise to utilize this wonderful tool. This software is really helpful for both sellers and shoppers. Although most of them are designed for sellers, some also benefit the customers.

If you are thinking of offering stuff online, it will help you in evaluating whether it is the right stuff to sell in terms of sales it can produce and the income you could earn from them. Furthermore, some extensions are designed to help you enhance your listing by providing the most suitable phrases and keywords for your goods.

Not to mention, sellers can analyze spy on their rivals and analyze the trends and price history through charts and graphs.

Shoppers must be thinking if all of these features are for sellers, how is this tool beneficial to purchases?

Well, as a buyer, would you want to purchase stuff at a lower price than their original price through discounts and sales? But since it is a busy world people don’t have enough time to keep a close eye on several items throughout the year due to which a lot of them miss the sales and discounts on some of the best items. Some of these plugins are designed specifically to help you in this regard.

There are several plugins available for chrome that allows the users to monitor the price of any item and alters them whenever the price of their favorite goods drop so that they don’t miss out on the opportunity to shop their desired items at a discounted price.

Different Features Offered By Chrome Extension Amazon

Before we discuss the best plugins available for you, it is important that you know what features do they offer and how can you use them for your benefit. However, if you want to utilize all these features you may have to install different plugins as one single plugin may not offer all the features.

Discover Profitable Goods

Some plugins are designed for helping you select the most suitable item. These plugins display important details such as seller rank, category and retail price, etc. of any item you are using the extension on. Based on this info, the tool tells you if people are actually looking to buy this kind of stuff and whether the item has the potential to perform well or not. Isn’t it a handy tool?

Calculate the Profit Estimates

Suppose you are launching an item which will not produce a good profit for you, what’s the purpose of selling such items then? It is always smart to get the estimates of revenue and income that could be earned through specific goods.

The chrome plugin lets you do exactly that. You will have to provide some basic info of your goods and based on the selling price and the investments, it determines the profit that one can expect to get.

Determine the Fees of FBA

As a merchant, the first thing after picking the suitable goods is to decide how you will deliver them to the purchasers including where they will be stored and all about their packaging.

This could be done either by renting a warehouse for storing the units, hiring people for their packaging, choosing a shipping method and interacting with the shoppers to handle any returns and refunds requested by them or alternatively all of these duties can be given to Amazon through FBA.

No matter how you do it, there will always be expenses associated with it which you need to include while evaluating your budget. Calculating all of these by yourself is definitely a time-consuming process which is where the plugins developed for this purpose come in handy.

All of this will be calculated based on the dimensions and weight of your goods. Within minutes you will get all the results and then you can determine which process requires the minimum investment.

Find the Most Suitable Keywords

Anyone offering any type of stuff online knows the importance of the right phrases and keywords in the title and description of the goods. They can take your goods higher in the search engine which greatly increases the probability of them being viewed by the shopper. This, in turn, means more sales and increased income.

However, if you stuff the title and description with useless keywords it will have a negative impact on their rank. The chrome plugin for amazon allows you to find the appropriated keywords right on the page of the item and also shows how much that particular keyword is being searched by shoppers.

Undoubtedly, it is among the best features available for online merchants.

Track Price Drops

These plugins let you keep an eye on the sales and discounts that are offered on your favorite products. You have to add your items in the tool and whenever their price falls below a certain level you will be notified.

These types of plugins are made for both buyers and merchants. Shoppers can utilize it to purchase goods at a lower price while sellers can use it to stay ahead of the competition.

Best Amazon Chrome Plugins

The best tools are those that save your time and provide accurate results. Since there are numerous plugins offering different types of features, below we have listed the most useful and effective ones for you.

  • Jungle Scout Plugin for Chrome
  • Viral Launch-Market Intelligence
  • Helium 10 Plugin
  • IO Scout
  • AMZScout (PRO)
  • AMZ Seller Browser
  • The Camelizer
  • Amazon FBA Keyword Tool
  • DS Amazon Quick View

  • Jungle Scout Plugin for Chrome

The first step in selling anything online is to select the right type of goods. This plugin is among the most useful ones for sellers as it lets them discover the best niche based on the profits and income it can generate for you.

So how exactly does it let you do that? It will determine the estimated amount of units that a particular product could sell and what will you earn through it. These are very important stats in evaluating if one should invest in a certain item or not.

You can analyze other useful statistics such as the amount of units sold daily, rank based on sales and reviews, etc. of any item right on its page. “Opportunity Score” can also be analyzed which is also an important element for evaluating if the item is good for selling or not. Graphs and charts are available as well for users who prefer to analyze the data this way.

We all know how significant the purchasers’ feedback and ratings are for the sales of goods but not every shopper remembers to leave feedback after purchasing which is why sellers sometimes have to individually ask them for feedback.

However, requesting every buyer for ratings can consume a lot of time. This is why the Jungle Scout plugin allows you to automate this process and send requests to hundreds of shoppers through just a single click.

This outstanding plugin is available in two versions lite and pro. The lite version costs $29/month but consists of less feature than the pro version which is available for $39/month or $228/year.

  • Viral Launch-Market Intelligence

This is another efficient plugin for selecting the perfect niche/goods. It is a wonderful tool to analyze market trends through the monthly and yearly data of the goods and pick the right item. It brings you real-time data to display precise results.

Through this plugin, users can also calculate the total expenses and investments for a certain item and based on them get the income estimates.

This extension along with many other tools is available through 4 subscription plans starting from $59 per month. These packages can either be purchased in terms of a monthly basis or yearly basis. However, when purchased annually, it offers 2 months without any cost. 

  • Helium 10 Plugin

This plugin is a complete toolset for all the seller needs. Through the database of more than 450 million items, you can get details of any item and pick the best product from the lot based on the profit you are expected to get from it. It will ask you to put in the dimensions and weight of your goods along with the total cost you are expected to invest and will show accurate figures of the income you can earn.

The low stock level can seriously hurt the no. of sales so this plugin lets the user monitor their inventory. Moreover, it brings you a great chance of enhancing your listing through the most search keywords. Lastly, you can export the reviews on similar goods to find out the areas of improvement.

  • IO Scout Amazon Chrome Etension

Here is the link to NEW Amazon Chrome Extension by IO Scout .

  • AMZScout (PRO)

amazon seller chrome extension

Are you looking to select your next item for selling on Amazon? This plugin is the right tool for you. It offers you a complete package consisting of various features to discover the perfect goods for selling quickly.

The extension estimates the revenues you can get by investing in certain goods and aids you in discovering the stuff people actually want to buy. With the help of graphs, it let the users evaluate the trends of a niche so that they can grab the right opportunity immediately. 

With the help of the “niche score,” you can identify if the niche you are deciding to invest in is worth it. The profit, demand, and competition columns will also help you in this regard.

To gain the competitive advantage you need to monitor your competitors’ goods which can be done efficiently through this plugin. See their rank and sales to understand their performance. Users can also calculate the fees associated with selling on Amazon such as referral fee, FBA fees which include costs of storage, packaging and shipping, etc. and predict their income and revenues.

The AMZScout Pro plugin can be used as a free trial and if after using it you feel like it’s the right tool, you can subscribe to the monthly package for $44.99 or you can purchase the lifetime package for $199.

  • AMZ Seller Browser

With this plugin, you can speed up the process of discovering the best niche and goods. If you are using this tool you can see the seller rank of the goods while you search them while the rank history of goods can also be analyzed.

It brings you the price history provided by camelcamelcamel and lets you know how many other people are offering the same product so that you can get the idea of competition. You can also utilize this software to see other goods offered by a particular seller. It works with Amazon US and UK.

The best thing about it? It is a free plugin which means you can use it whenever you want without any cost.

  • The Camelizer

This is a plugin offered by camelcamelcamel and can be used by both sellers and purchasers for their benefit. It is a great way to monitor the prices of your desired goods. It will alert you when the price of your selected items drops. Furthermore, you can also view the price trends through graphs and charts right on the item’s page.

It supports several amazon sites including the US, UK, France, and Spain and can be used for free. It is available as a plugin for chrome as well as Firefox.

  • Amazon FBA Keyword Tool

chrome extension amazon

This extension is developed by Seller Seo and as the name suggests, is the tool for discovering the appropriate keywords for your goods.

Why are they important? Well, Amazon has a search engine that ranks goods based on the keywords that are searched most by people. However, few other factors such as no. of sales also affect the rank.

To get a higher ranking for your goods, you must target the right phrases and keywords in the title and description. This extension will search for those keywords for you. It will also show the search volume of each keyword. Moreover, you can also get the ASINs of your competitors related to the keywords.

  • DS Amazon Quick View

This plugin is ideal for analyzing the details such as ranking, ASIN and reviews of any item. Users can also see the sales rank and details of sellers on the page of the product. The extension supports only Amazon US, however, there is an extended version available that works with other sites as well. It is a free plugin.


Amazon is among the biggest marketplace for offering and purchasing any kind of stuff with thousands of sellers and even more shoppers which for sellers means the competition here is tough while for purchasers it means the goods can get out of stock quickly especially when available at a discounted price.

Anyone who wants to run a successful business on this platform must act smart and plan every step starting from selecting the best niche to enhancing the title and description of their goods through suitable keywords. To make this process easy for them, there are several technologies and tools available. One such tool is the plugin for amazon.

There are different features that different plugin offers. Some will helps you in discovering the profitable goods to sell while others will calculate the expenses of selling based on the size and weight of your goods and determine the estimated income and profits. Right keywords can also be discovered through these plugins.

Depending on the type of info you want, you may have to download different plugins, some of which are available for free while some are offered in terms of monthly and yearly subscription.

A few plugins for shoppers are also available which let them keep tabs on the price of their favorite items and alerts them whenever there is a sale or discount on those goods so that they can purchase at a low price.

Some of the best plugins include IO Scout, Jungle Scout plugin, Helium 10 extension, AMZScout Pro and The Camelizer.


Do I have to pay for the plugin?

It depends on which plugin you want to use which in turn is dependent on the details you are looking for. For example, if you want to track price drops there are a few free plugins available but if you want a complete toolset that consists of different features you may have to pay for it. Some of the best plugins such as The Camelizer and AMZ Seller Browser are available for free while others like Jungle Scout and Helium 10 need to be purchased.

What is a Good on Amazon based on the sales?

Undoubtedly, the rank preferred by any seller is no. 1. However, it really depends on the category of the products and since there could be thousands of goods in the category your item falls in, a rank below 100 can be considered as a good one. Let us say, your item has a rank of 55 it means there are 54 more items that have generated more sales than your product.