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Amazon Brand Registry -What Is It All About?

24, Mon, Feb, 20 20:15
Amazon Brand Registry – What is it?
Amazon Brand Registry – How Does It Work?
Who Can Use Brand Registry Amazon?
Amazon Brand Registry Benefits 
How Do I Apply For The Amazon Brand Registry Account?  
The Eligibility Requirements for Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon is known as one of the most customer-centric companies in the world today. It always keeps upgrading its offerings and technology to give its customers the best buying experience and services.

In order to attain this level of customer satisfaction, Amazon offers a multitude of services to its seller base that aid the sellers serve their customers. As of 2019, there are currently over 2.5 million active sellers on Amazon according to Marketplacepulse.

All these sellers have a common objective. They want to be able to reach out to the widest customer base by means of Amazon and establish themselves as the best brand and top seller.

One of the major challenges faced by these sellers today is their brand value protection, which is a result of various activities that pertain to product counterfeiting, intellectual property violation, and brand imitation. Amazon offers a comprehensive solution to help these brands tackle this issue head-on and it’s called Amazon Brand Registry.

Amazon Brand Registry – What is it?

brand registry on amazon

Since inception, Amazon has always worked towards providing a quality experience to its customers. To attain this objective, Amazon has worked with its sellers, manufacturers and brand owners towards having complete control over various marketing features of the brands including but not limited to correct product listings as well as brand protection.

Hence, what is known as Amazon Brand Registry today had always existed throughout, albeit in different forms, since the time Amazon ventured into this business.

Amazon, later came up with the redesigned and upgraded version of their own Brand Registry program in 2017, Amazon Brand Registry 2.0, one could call it, aimed at much better safeguarding of the right to sell products without worrying about copycats, and building unparalleled customer trust by always delivering the right and original products to all the buyers throughout the globe. 

The Brand Registry program provides highly advanced tools to the brand owners that empower them to predict as well as thwart future and possible IP infringement and brand misuse, through the use of robust text and image search techniques. 

The Brand Registry program also supports the brands and sellers to list accurate product information so that their targeted customers can make informed decisions to purchase their marketed product items.

Amazon also aims to share the accountability and responsibility of detecting and preventing brand rights violations, with the sellers and manufacturers on its marketplace platform. Bear in mind that if you do need some assistance with navigating your way through Amazon Brand Registry, you can check out IO Scout, and specifically the benefits of Live Chat Personal Amazon Business Consultant - IO Scout’s 24/7 expert chat feature is there to assist in the daily running of your Amazon business, and provide real-time, instant solutions to your queries. Also, has a free IO Scout Amazon Sales Estimator and Amazon FBA Calculator. Definitely an asset to any Amazon FBA selling business. Let's continue!

Amazon Brand Registry – How Does It Work?

amazon brand registry cost

The Brand Registry Amazon team is backed up by expert investigators who are constantly working round the clock, every day of the year, to track and manage seller and brand data and provide support to enlisted brands regarding potential infringements and brand misuse.

The Brand Registry program uses powerful tools and machine learning technology that browses through the sea of buyer search data, millions of product listing data and seller details, to predict and detect potential infringements and violations.

Currently, there are more than a hundred thousand brands registered with Amazon for its Amazon Brand Registry program, on a global scale.

Due to the constant monitoring of all the data at hand and taking suitable pre-emptive actions through the Amazon Brand Registry program, Amazon has been able to provide 99% of its customers with page views that have never received any notice of potential IP infringement.

The Amazon Brand Registry program provides brands with tools that are equipped with the latest technology. This means you can search for your product by using images and texts to see if anyone if misusing it.

To further ensure that the correct product is delivered to its customers and counterfeiting is prevented, Amazon has developed a new program as part of its brand services that keep a track of an individual product level.

Known as Transparency, this program offers a unique service that helps in identifying each product through serialization techniques. The Transparency program generates distinct codes that are alphanumeric and are not in sequence. These codes are assigned to individual products and the program maintains a record of it.

Once the brand assigns these Transparency codes to its products, Amazon does a thorough search and scan in its fulfillment centers to ensure that only original products are being shipped out.

Cases when the brand itself fulfills the orders directly, the brand needs to share the Transparency codes with Amazon for cross-verification. At the customer end, the customer simply needs to scan the Transparency code using the Amazon app and if a green checkmark is displayed if the verification is successful else a red cross is displayed in the event of a failed Transparency code verification.

Amazon constantly invents new innovative ways to stop the sale of fake and counterfeit goods on its platform. It has formed collaborations on a global scale to take firm actions against those who have been found guilty of violating IP rights, brand misuse, and infringing trademark rights.

  • Amazon is continuously engaged with numerous agencies and associations which comprise of government as well as industrial consortium. It collaborates with legal administration offices on a global scale, to hold violators accountable. There have been many instances when Amazon has worked with the affected sellers and manufacturers to create lawsuits against these perpetrators of brand rights.
  •  Amazon has signed a MoU with the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, an industrial guild that coordinates with industries for protection of Intellectual Property rights. Amazon continues to make sure that miscreants are weeded out whenever they are detected by working with brands.
  • In Europe, Amazon aligned itself with several large consumer brands in an MoU to share information that is aimed at the collective protection of customers from counterfeit. 

Who Can Use Brand Registry Amazon?

The Brand Registry Service on Amazon is available to sellers who have these:

  • A Central Seller account must be available or a new one must be created.
  •  The brand should be registered in a particular country. And the license and trademark must be active. Any brand trademark that has been applied through Amazon IP Accelerator and the registration for which is not yet completed, is also eligible for availing this service.
  • Identity-based proof that validates that the trademark right is owned by you or that the seller account is registered with your trademark. 

Amazon Brand Registry Benefits 

All the useful features can be directly accessed from the central seller dashboard. As a seller, you should already have the account. And when you qualify for the Brand registry, you can check your access.

  • Go to the Brand Dashboard by navigating to the Performance tab on the seller account. Inside the performance tab, you will see the brand details.
  •  This screen has all the features and information regarding the performance of your brand. This is separate from the seller's performance. You can dig inside each of the metrics to understand the analytics. 
  • Now that you have access, you must be thinking what is the point of all this? Well, foremost of all, what brand registry does is protect the brand you have created by giving you inside access to how to control everything.

Inside the section that is labeled Brand Benefits, you will find the following items.

Protecting the brand

To have a brand you have to put in years’ worth of effort. Amazon does not make it easy to register for a trademark, and there are so many verification processes and tests that one has to clear to be eligible.

 So, what if after all this effort, someone else decides to choose to mess with your brand. Maybe they try selling counterfeit products under by using the brand name of your products, use your logo, and try to hijack your inventory or any other hundreds of unethical ways they can cash in from your brand.

The brand registry protects your brand from all of that. 

You own every aspect of your brand, and no one has the right to use any of the content that you create. Amazon has a whole team of experts working on the prevention of this kind of activity. And if you ever see any violations, you can immediately take action to protect your brand. Here’s how:

  • Is your brand getting a lot of negative reviews lately? Brand products are almost always Amazon verified, so what if there is a sudden crop of, ‘product is not as expected’ reviews that are taking down your rating? These could be the result of review manipulation from competitors. Keep track of your reviews and make sure no one can sully your brand reputation. Report any violations immediately, report all suspicious activities. Amazon is extremely strict to ban any miscreants from its platform.
  •  Are there issues related to how your listing has been put up? Or any of them got blocked? Report the issues and let Amazon sort it out, so you do not have to lose out on making sales.
  • Ensure that no one can hijack your IP and use your inventory to make sales. All issues with infringement of IP should be immediately reported.
  • If you have any issues with the page, from not loading to problems with your listings, raise concerns with the Amazon team to get immediate action.
  •  If any of these claims are not handled within the dedicated time frame, you can escalate the issue to higher levels and get resolution. Monitor your brand all the time and whenever you feel necessary, be sure to escalate.

Create quality content for brand recognition

Customers are looking for quality. They want a brand that is worth their time, money and loyalty. You cannot expect repeat customers when you put very little effort into your brand. The brand tells a story. Of the luxuries, benefits and fine things that it can bring to the life of the customers. Elevate your content to match the expectation of your customers. Otherwise, you cannot expect to make a brand following.

Amazon provides the feature known as ‘A+ Content Manager’, which previously was known as Enhance Brand Content. Through this dashboard feature, you can ensure your product listings can be elevated to match the professional brands in the market. Because good content will not only make your products look good, they will engage the customers in your story.

As a brand seller, you are not part of the common crowd. You can access features other sellers cannot. Namely the storefront features, Amazon live and product video.

Product videos  are not something every vendor can put up on their listings. Normal sellers are limited to 10 pictures per product. Whereas you can create a professional-grade Video for your product, which will engage the customer and give them a much better understanding of the product that just photos.

Buyers will not have to keep guessing how the product works. They can see the human interaction with the products, which is a huge plus when it comes to marketing. Product videos are huge in converting clicks to sales.

Amazon Live  is very much like Facebook live. You do it to engage the customers on a face to face interaction, and you can be as interactive with them as you want to be. Tell your story, goals and why your brand is something that every customer needs in their lives.

Make lives with models handling your product in a demonstration. When people can see the actual use if your product will ease their concerns about buying it. You can even use this function to chat with your followers and answer any questions they might have related to your brand.

The  storefronts  are like a virtual shop inside the Amazon eCommerce platform that is exclusive to your brand. A storefront can go on for several pages. Each page has a heading and tail section, and there are various content rows in the middle where you can fill in the details of various products.

A storefront allows customers to take a virtual stroll through your offerings just like in a retail market, and if they like something, they can click on the content link and go for buying it.

Sponsored ads are another good way of making your customers take notice. By using sponsored ads, your products will appear at the highlighted sections of Amazon where people cannot miss it even if they wanted to.

Your products will appear at the top of the search results. The ads make people take notice of your brand. This is quite useful for new brands who are trying to get the name out. Once you have a loyal following, you can use sponsored ads to improve the product ranking.

How Do I Apply For The Amazon Brand Registry Account?  

brand registry amazon

Not everyone can start accessing the Amazon Brand Registry program . If you have created the seller account, complete that first with all the required details and then come back here.

Once you have this, you can visit the registration portal. After that the process is as below:

Register for a Registry Account

For signing up, you first need the account of the brand registry. When you register for an account, certain information must be filled first. The details of your registered company, and federal classification. You have to also identify your account by text on your registered mobile number. 

Read through the terms of services (this is important, do not skin and go to the bottom to accept. Amazon is ruthless with bans for anyone who violates even the smallest regulations. You will lose permission to log in to your seller account if that happens). When you are done, you can accept and save.

Enroll your brand

After you have finished verifying the details, you proceed to enroll your brand. There are four details that you have to fill in. 

  • Brand Eligibility

On this page, you have to fill all the details of the brand itself. You should have a professional logo created by now and have a chosen brand name. When you have these things written down, proceed to the next page. 

  •  Intellectual property

Provide the trademarking details in this section. This is to ensure your business is uniquely registered and you have the rights to the products you are going to sell. Amazon does not allow counterfeit products so ensure you have your line. Proceed to the next page.

  •  Identification

Add the image of the product, the images of the materials you will use for packaging, the details of your online presence, like blogs or social media. When these details have been completed, you can proceed to the next page.

  •  Characteristics

Vendor, manufacturer, license, patent, and country details are filled in this page. Proceed to apply when this is completed.

Your application will reach Amazon and all the information will be vetted for validity and legality. It will be processed within 10 days and then the brand registry activation starts. Amazon will connect directly with the trademark office and send a code there.

Your job is to keep in touch with them via mail and collect this code. Then enter this in the seller central account under the ‘enter the respective case ID’ option and click on go. After this, you will get the Respond button, paste your code and select send.

When these things are done, the validation of the brand registry will be complete. And you can start using it within a couple of days.

The Eligibility Requirements for Amazon Brand Registry

amazon brand registry requirements

There are some Amazon Brand Registry requirements and all of them must be met. Make sure to have a valid, government allocated trademark. Without this, you are not eligible to create an account on Amazon.

The trademark creation also has some rules like, the brand name should be exactly as specified on the trademark. And the same should be printed on the products you sell.

In all the countries where Amazon has a marketplace, Amazon allows trademark registration.

This can be done in many countries such as India, the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, France, and Germany. Government-issued active word marks are the only type of trademark that Amazon currently allows.

Final Thoughts

There are some great features in this tool. The Amazon Brand Registry application can give the owner of the brand complete control over the listing of their product. They can monitor the inventory at all times, restock whenever the products are running low. They can ensure nothing suspicious is happening with the inventory.

Any security violation can be monitored and reported for prompt action. The expertise of Amazon in handling all these matters is unparalleled and the workforce of Amazon is behind making your brand a success.

This means a lot for owners, and they can make sure their content is great and customers are happy. You can even add other agents who can access the tools and handle these tasks for you.

But there are also a couple of issues with a brand registry like it does not blacklist unauthorized sellers from selling your products. You can have their products taken down, but they can still sell other products. Other than the brand owner no one can submit claims of infringement against the sellers. Overall, this is a useful tool with some limitations.


Do you need approval for the Amazon brand registry?

The approval process is divided into two factors, the first Amazon validates your form, and the activation code is to be collected from the trademark authority of your country and added to the seller account.

The complete process takes around 15 days considering all the details are correct.

How long does it take to get a trademark registered?

The trademark registration authority or USPTO has several steps that must be completed to get a trademark, and the whole process can take around a year to finish.

How much does it cost to register a brand on Amazon?

Registering is easy and it does not involve any charges as there is no Amazon brand registry cost . But to be eligible to register you need to have a valid trademark. Getting this process done takes around $225 to $400.